Lexical glosses for Even (English)

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A conversation about Even culture (104)
Tarračịl egin ịal, ịal-karịa.
tar -WEːčIn -L egin.Y ịa -L ịa -L =kErIE
dist -qual -pl ptl.Y what -pl what -pl =contr
dist -qual -pl ptl.Y что -pl что -pl =contr
Such people.
Такие они.
Bear story (30)
Hịrkaːrbụr ịawụr hiːwutčel.
hịrkaːn -L -WUr ịa -WUr hiːw -E-Č -čE -L
knife -pl -prfl.pl what -prfl.pl sharpen -ep-res -pf.ptc -pl
нож -pl -prfl.pl что -prfl.pl sharpen -ep-res -pf.ptc -pl
They sharpened their knives and everything.
Так они стали готовить ножи,
Chat about an Evenki film (54)
Tọmkọ -L
Tompo -pl
Tompo -pl
People from Tompo.
Even ghost stories (37)
čụčụna -L
ghost -pl
ghost -pl
Cannibal story (87)
Tar naːr ahịːl ahatkaːr emeːbgerečel.
tar naːr.Y asị -L asatkaːn -L emeːn -B -Gr(E) -čE -L
dist always.Y woman -pl girl -pl leave -med -hab -pf.ptc -pl
dist всегда.Y женщина -pl girl -pl оставить -med -hab -pf.ptc -pl
The women and the girls always stayed back.
Тогда оставались женщины и девушки.
Tompo in Soviet times (42)
Kajụr, kajụr diːller-du, tuoχ diːller-du?
kajur.R kajur.R die.Y -L.Y -LEr.Y =dU.Y tuoχ.Y die.Y -L.Y -LEr.Y =dU.Y
waggoner.R waggoner.R say.Y -? -pl.Y =q.Y what.Y say.Y -? -pl.Y =q.Y
waggoner.R waggoner.R сказать.Y -? -pl.Y =q.Y что.Y сказать.Y -? -pl.Y =q.Y
Is that what it's called, "kajụr"?
Каюр говорят или как будет?
Even taboos and customs (23)
... boːgrečel hụnaːddʒụr.
* boː -Gr(E) -čE -L hụnaːdʒ -DʒUr
* give -hab -pf.ptc -pl girl -inst.prfl.pl
* дать -hab -pf.ptc -pl girl -inst.prfl.pl
... then they would give him their daughter.
... выдавали свою дочь.
Pear story (2) (5)
Talawụr bọllaːna họː nọːd bụgalkaːhal bičel ebit.
tar -(dU)LE -WUr buollaγïna.Y họː nọːd bụg -E-lkEːn -SEl bi -čE -L ebit.Y
dist -loc -prfl.pl ptl.Y very beautiful homeland -ep-prop -pl be -pf.ptc -pl evid.Y
dist -loc -prfl.pl ptl.Y очень beautiful homeland -ep-prop -pl быть -pf.ptc -pl evid.Y
They apparently had a very beautiful country there.
Biblical stories (44)
Er hewkiwur tačịn ọmŋačal.
er hewki -WUr tar -čIn ọmŋa -čE -L
prox god -prfl.pl dist -adv forget -pf.ptc -pl
prox бог -prfl.pl dist -adv забыть -pf.ptc -pl
And so they had forgotten god.
Вот, так они забыли про Бога.
The creation of animals (12)
Araj erek ewehel ọldaw ọldamatnịkaːhal goːnčel:
araj.Y er -k ewen -SEl ọlra -W ọlrama -Č -nIkEːn -SEl goːn -čE -L
ptl.Y prox -nom Even -pl fish -acc go.fishing -res -sim.cvb -pl say -pf.ptc -pl
ptl.Y prox -nom Even -pl рыба -acc идти.fishing -res -sim.cvb -pl сказать -pf.ptc -pl
Once these Evens were fishing and said:
Однажды эвены ловили рыбу и говорят: