Lexical glosses for Even (English)

This list of lexical glosses found in the Even transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

Each item is followed by a number which gives an indication of how many times the lexical gloss appears in the texts available in the collection for Even.

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A lighthearted exchange (1)
Dʒe mendeneli ọččọgọ, tọːbarụ-kka dọːlan neːriw, goːnem.
dʒe.Y mende-nE-LI oččoγo.Y topor.R-W=kkE E dọː-(dU)LE-N(I) neː-RI-W goːn-R(E)-m
DP.Y look:for-INTENT-IMP.2SG then.Y axe.R-ACC=EMPH ph inside-LOC-POSS.3SG put-PST-POSS.1SG say-NONFUT-1SG
DP.Y look:for-INTENT-ИМП.2ЕД тогда.Y топор.R-АКК=ЭМФ ph inside-ЛОК-ПОСС.3ЕД положить-ПРОШ-ПОСС.1ЕД сказать-NONFUT-1ЕД
"Then go and look for him, I've put the axe inside."
"Ну тогда иди ищи, я топор внутрь положила."-сказала я.