Lexical glosses for Even (English)

This list of lexical glosses found in the Even transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

Each item is followed by a number which gives an indication of how many times the lexical gloss appears in the texts available in the collection for Even.

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A conversation about Even culture (226)
Haːram, haːram, tọmkọča.
haː -R(E) -m haː -R(E) -m tọmkača
know -nonfut -1sg know -nonfut -1sg thread
know -nonfut -1sg know -nonfut -1sg thread
I know, I know, "tomkocha" (thread).
Знаю, знаю, томкоча.
Chat about an Evenki film (88)
Iŋemden-de-kke esni.
iŋem -R(E) -n(I) =dE =kkE e -R(E) -n(I)
freeze -nonfut -3sg =ptl =emph neg -nonfut -3sg
freeze -nonfut -3sg =ptl =emph neg -nonfut -3sg
He probably froze.
Наверное, сильно замёрз.
Tompo in Soviet times (36)
ọd -R(E) -n(I)
finish -nonfut -3sg
закончить -nonfut -3sg
That's it.
Biblical stories (54)
kusi -kEČ -R(E)
fight -mult -nonfut(3pl)
fight -mult -nonfut(3pl)
They got into fight.
Они подрались.
Pear story (1) (6)
Dʒeː, ụtaldam.
dʒe.Y ụtal -R(E) -m
ptl.Y understand -nonfut -1sg
ptl.Y understand -nonfut -1sg
I mean, (how I) understood it.
Even taboos and customs (27)
... huŋdittan [...]
* huŋri -Č -R(E) -n(I) *
* disturb -res -nonfut -3sg *
* disturb -res -nonfut -3sg *
... to distrub [...]
... трогать [...]
Cannibal story (62)
čịkị -WEːČ -R(E)
cut.off -gnr -nonfut(3pl)
резать.off -gnr -nonfut(3pl)
They cut them.
Even ghost stories (24)
it -U -s(E)n -R(E)
see -intr -lim -nonfut(3pl)
видеть -intr -lim -nonfut(3pl)
They would be seen briefly.
Их коротко было видно.
Bear story (33)
Tetugrer er kọksu, taraŋụr, tetur.
tet -U -Gr(E) -R(E) er ? tar -E-ŋ -WUr tet -U -R(E)
wear -tr -hab -nonfut prox ? dist -ep-aln -prfl.pl wear -tr -nonfut
носить -tr -hab -nonfut prox ? dist -ep-aln -prfl.pl носить -tr -nonfut
They used to wear [...], that's what they wore.
Pear story (5) (23)
Ńaːn tar-sị. Ọddam.
ńaːn tar =sI ọd -R(E) -m
also dist =emph finish -nonfut -1sg
тоже dist =emph закончить -nonfut -1sg
This is all. I've finished.