Lexical glosses for Even (English)

This list of lexical glosses found in the Even transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

Each item is followed by a number which gives an indication of how many times the lexical gloss appears in the texts available in the collection for Even.

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An Even farce (3)
Erek gerben ...
er-k gerbe-N(I)
It is called ...
Это называется...
Spirits (13)
Kendʒin gerben.
kendʒin gerbe-N(I)
kendʒin name-POSS.3SG
kendʒв name-ПОСС.3ЕД
It is called "kendʒin".
"Кэндин" называется.
Tompo in Soviet times (16)
Kandịga gerbe...
Khandyga.R gerbe
Khandyga.R name
Khandyga.R name
The word "Khandyga"...
The raven and the crow (3)
Mangịr gerbe ịak?
mangịr gerbe ịak
raven name what
raven name что
What is 'mangir'?
Что это 'мангир'?
A conversation about Even culture (56)
Tọmpọ gerbe toːr.
Tọmkọ gerbe toːr
Tompo name land
Tompo name земля
Tompo is the region.
Томпо это називание края.
The sacred reindeer (7)
Erek, taŋara gerbe bigren-gu, ačča-gu bigren?
er-k taŋara.Y gerbe bi-Gr(E)-N(I)=GU ačča=GU bi-Gr(E)-N(I)
"Does god exist or not?"
Бог существует или нет?
Even ghost stories (9)
Heːjek gerbe hoːnte bọllaːna.
heːjek gerbe hoːnte buollaγïna.Y
demon name other ptl.Y
demon name другой ptl.Y
'Heyek' is a different thing.
Хэек это другое.
The creation of animals (15)
"Ŋiː gerbe erroːčin bọlla?"
ŋiː gerbe er -WEːčIn buolla.Y
who name prox -qual ptl.Y
кто name prox -qual ptl.Y
"What on earth is that?"
Как тебя зовут, такого?
Cannibal story (7)
Tar, ịak, arịwkị, arịŋka eŋin gerbe: arịwkị gerbe ịak?
tar ịa -k arịwkị arịŋka eŋin.Y gerbe arịwkị gerbe ịa -k
dist what -nom evil.spirit demon etc. name evil.spirit name what -nom
dist что -nom evil.spirit demon etc. name evil.spirit name что -nom
Then, uhm, ariwki, arinka, etc - what is ariwki?
Even taboos and customs (5)
Ńaːn, arịŋka gerbe ọːn, ịan, как выгледит? Arịŋka gerbe ịak?
ńaːn arịŋka gerbe ọːn ịa -n(I) kak.R vygledit.R arịŋka gerbe ịa -k
also demon name how what -poss.3sg how.R looks.R demon name what -nom
тоже demon name как что -poss.3sg как.R looks.R demon name что -nom
And what is called 'arịŋka', how does it, uhm, how does it look? What is 'arinka'?
- А, аринка как выглядит? А, что это такое аринка?