Lexical glosses for Even (English)

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Chat about an Evenki film (2)
Ụːrụn-mị, tarak, tulle mụːzịkaw?
ụːrụn =mI tar -k tul -R(E) muzika.R -W
noise =ptl dist -nom put -nonfut(3pl) music.R -acc
noise =ptl dist -nom положить -nonfut(3pl) music.R -acc
The noise, (that's the reason) they turned on the music?
Это от шума они включали музыку?
Even ghost stories (1)
[họː] Tarakam ịspịdọːla aːtča, mụːzịka-da aːtča bụkaːtịn.
* tarakam spidola.R aːtča muzika.R =dE aːtča bukatïn.Y
* then transistor.radio.R neg.ex music.R =ptl neg.ex completely.Y
* тогда transistor.radio.R neg.ex music.R =ptl neg.ex completely.Y
At that time there were no transistor radios, no music at all.
Тогда не было ни эспидоллы, ни музыки.
A short chat about family (1)
Nu kańešna, araːhnaj [ebeh] ebehel ikeːtnen họːja bọlla, ee, [ew] ewediw [n] ịaw-karịa nọːtaw haːrị bejdu.
nu.R konečno.R araːhïnaj.Y ewen -SEl ikeː -tEn họːja buolla.Y ee ewen -DI -W ịa -W =kErIE nota.R -W haː -RI bej -DU
ptl.R of.course.R different.Y Even -pl song -poss.3pl many ptl.Y intj Even -adjr -acc what -acc =contr music.note.R -acc know -impf.ptc man -dat
ptl.R of.course.R different.Y Even -pl песня -poss.3pl много ptl.Y intj Even -adjr -acc что -acc =contr music.note.R -acc know -impf.ptc мужчина -dat
Of course, there are many different Even songs, for a person that knows Even, uhm, music notes.
Ну, конечно, эвенских песен много, для человека, знающего эвенские ноты.