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Tompo in Soviet times (1)
Tadụk bọllaːna, anị tar Tọmkọdụ họːjaw anŋanịw biddiʒur anị Kires-Kazaja kọlkọhọlban, Aldan holilin bihi kọlkọhọlbu, əə, omendu Tọmkọ kọlbọmị [goːn], kọlbọndụ savmịn ịak ụːraːkan ńoːrin
tar -DUk(U) buollaγïna.Y anï.Y tar Tọmkọ -DU họːja -W anŋan -W bi -D -RIdʒI -L anï.Y Krest-Khal'džaj.R kolkhoz.R -E-L -W -E-n(I) Aldan holi -(dU)LI -n(I) bi -RI kolkhoz.R -E-L -W əə omen -DU Tọmkọ kholboː.Y -mI goːn kholboː.Y -n -DU sovmin.R ịa -k uːraːχ.Y -E-n(I) ńoː -RI -n(I)
dist -abl ptl.Y now.Y dist Tompo -dat many -acc year -acc be -prog -ant.cvb -pl now.Y Krest-Khal'džaj.R kolkhoz.R -ep-pl -acc -ep-poss.3sg Aldan bank -prol -poss.3sg be -impf.ptc kolkhoz.R -ep-pl -acc hesit one -dat Tompo unite.Y -cond.cvb say unite.Y -anr -dat council.of.ministers.R what -nom decree.Y -ep-poss.3sg go.out -pst -poss.3sg
dist -abl ptl.Y сейчас.Y dist Tompo -dat много -acc год -acc быть -prog -ant.cvb -pl сейчас.Y Krest-Khal'džaj.R kolkhoz.R -ep-pl -acc -ep-poss.3sg Aldan берег -prol -poss.3sg быть -impf.ptc kolkhoz.R -ep-pl -acc hesit один -dat Tompo unite.Y -cond.cvb сказать unite.Y -anr -dat council.of.ministers.R что -nom decree.Y -ep-poss.3sg идти.из -pst -poss.3sg
Then, after we had lived in Tomko for quite some time, there came a decree from the Council of Ministers that the kolkhozes of Krest Khal'džaj and the kolkhozes on the banks of Aldan should be united into one Tomko.
Через несколько лет как мы прожили в Томке, вышел указ Совмина о присоединении Крест-Хольджайских, Алданских колхозов с колхозом Томко.