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Spirits (2)
Hụgọnnah uldewen.
hụg-E-nnE-s(I) ulre-W-E-N(I)
take:out-0-NEC.PTC-POSS.2SG meat-ACC-0-POSS.3SG
вынесть-0-НЕЦ.ПРИЧ-ПОСС.2ЕД мясо-АКК-0-ПОСС.3ЕД
You remove the meat from the bones.
Снимаешь мясо (очищаешь мясо с костей).
Cannibal story (8)
Ee, họrča.
ee họrča
intj dry.meat
intj dry.мясо
Oh, dry meat 'họrča'.
Сушеное мясо.
Glove and love (1)
Dʒepleŋeten, ulleŋeten, miltereː nọkụttan.
dʒeple-ŋ-E-tEn ulre-ŋ-E-tEn miltereː nọk-U-Č-R(E)-N(I)
food-AL-0-POSS.3PL meat-AL-0-POSS.3PL plenty hang-INTR-RES-NONFUT-3SG
еда-AL-0-ПОСС.3МН мясо-AL-0-ПОСС.3МН plenty hang-ИНТР-RES-NONFUT-3ЕД
Loads of food and meat were hanging there.
Еда, мясо, много висит.
Bear story (6)
Telgemi-mi tar ullen dʒapkalịn, bokotčin, enikeːn čịkịr, ullen dʒapkan ečin, telgewren.
telge -mI =mI tar ulre -n(I) dʒapka -(dU)LI -n(I) bekeč -čIn e -nIkEːn čịkị -R(E) ulre -n(I) dʒapka -n(I) er -čIn telge -Gr(E) -n(I)
cut.meat -cond.cvb =ptl dist meat -poss.3sg seam -prol -poss.3sg all -adv neg -sim.cvb cut.off -neg.cvb meat -poss.3sg seam -poss.3sg prox -adv cut.meat -hab -3sg(nonfut)
резать.мясо -cond.cvb =ptl dist мясо -poss.3sg seam -prol -poss.3sg весь -adv neg -sim.cvb резать.off -neg.cvb мясо -poss.3sg seam -poss.3sg prox -adv резать.мясо -hab -3sg(nonfut)
When (sc. the bear) is cut to pieces, then the meat must (be cut) along the seams, whole pieces, without cutting it off, the meat must in pieces, like that, they cut it so.
Надо разделывать целиком не разрезая на мелкие куски.
The creation of animals (2)
"Ee, ọtčọːn, uldewuh dʒepńej?"
ee oččoγo.Y ulre -W -s(I) dʒeb -ńEj
intj then.Y meat -acc -poss.2sg eat -impers.nec
intj тогда.Y мясо -acc -poss.2sg есть -impers.nec
"In that case, is your meat edible? "
- Можно кушать (твое) мясо?
Even ghost stories (3)
Ereːli, ereːli uldew hịndịdʒụr, badʒịkar ịldakan kasčọran ereːli uldew hịlgaračal.
ereːli ereːli ulre -W hịn -RIdʒI -L badʒịkar ịl -REk -E-n(I) koster.R -E-n(I) ereːli ulre -W hịl -Gr(E) -čE -L
around around meat -acc insert -ant.cvb -pl morning stand.up -cond.cvb -ep-poss.3sg bonfire.R -ep-poss.3sg around meat -acc put.on.spit -hab -pf.ptc -pl
around around мясо -acc insert -ant.cvb -pl утро стоять.вверх -cond.cvb -ep-poss.3sg bonfire.R -ep-poss.3sg around мясо -acc положить.на.spit -hab -pf.ptc -pl
They would place the meat all around, and in the morning, when when he (sc. my father) stood up, (he could see that) they prepared meat on the spit around the bonfire.
Вокруг запихают мясо, а когда утром просыпался, вокруг костра было видно, что они мясо на вертеле жарили.