Lexical glosses for Even (English)

This list of lexical glosses found in the Even transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

Each item is followed by a number which gives an indication of how many times the lexical gloss appears in the texts available in the collection for Even.

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An Even farce (3)
Tiːtel ụlịčandụlị boːweːtte ...
tiːtel hụlị-KEn-(dU)LI boː-WEːČ-R(E)
long:ago fox-DIM-PROL give-GNR-NONFUT.3PL
давно лиса-ДИМ-ПРОЛ дать-GNR-NONFUT.3МН
In the past they gave money for a fox ...
Раньше за лису давали ...
The sacred reindeer (1)
Dʒiŋ oːtel oːtel elekeh ewehel urekčen dọːdụn, emŋe ọkaːt dọːdụn bitčel.
dʒiŋ.Y oːtel oːtel elekes ewen-SEl urekčen dọː-DU-N(I) emŋe ọkaːt dọː-DU-N(I) bi-D-čE-L
DP.Y long:ago long:ago first:time Even-PL mountain inner:part-DAT-POSS.3SG broad river inner:part-DAT-POSS.3SG be-PROG-PF.PTC-PL
DP.Y давно давно first:time Even-МН гора inner:part-ДАТ-ПОСС.3ЕД broad river inner:part-ДАТ-ПОСС.3ЕД быть-PROG-ПРФ.ПРИЧ-МН
A long, long time ago, at the beginning of time, the Evens lived among the mountains, near a big river.
Давным-давно жили Эвэны в среди гор, около широкой большой реки.