Lexical glosses for Even (English)

This list of lexical glosses found in the Even transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

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Ịlam anŋanụ bisidʒi, mụdaqrịdʒị erew kńịːgaw tiːndeːji, dụqčawụ-san,
ịlan -W anŋan -W bi -RIdʒI mụdak -RIdʒI er -W kniga.R -W tiːn -DEː -J dụk -čE -W =sEn
three -acc year -acc be -ant.cvb finish -ant.cvb prox -acc book.R -acc let -purp.cvb -prfl.sg write -pf.ptc -acc =ptl
три -acc год -acc быть -ant.cvb закончить -ant.cvb prox -acc книга.R -acc let -purp.cvb -prfl.sg писать -pf.ptc -acc =ptl
In three years, when he finishes, he will send this book, when it is written,
Через три года, когда он точно закончит, он эту книгу отправит, когда напишет,
Cannibal story (2)
Ŋiːw-gu erelduk, [dʒoːre] dʒoːrduk-te ŋiːw-gu, ŋiːw-gu edeːj tiːn nekče urečin.
ŋiː -W =GU er -L -DUk(U) dʒoːr -DUk(U) =dE ŋiː -W =GU ŋiː -W =GU e -DEː -J tiːn nek -čE urečin
who -acc =q prox -pl -abl two -abl =ptl who -acc =q who -acc neg -purp.cvb -prfl.sg let(neg.cvb) do -pf.ptc evid
кто -acc =q prox -pl -abl два -abl =ptl кто -acc =q кто -acc neg -purp.cvb -prfl.sg let(neg.cvb) делать -pf.ptc evid
One of those, (I thought that) probably (the earth) wouldnt let one of those two (pass through).
Я думала кого-то из двоих земля не хочет принимать.