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The sacred reindeer (5)
Elgeweːtnikeːn biweːtkerečel.
elge -WEːČ -nIkEːn bi -WEːČ -Gr(E) -čE -L
lead.on.leash -gnr -sim.cvb be -gnr -hab -pf.ptc -pl
lead.на.leash -gnr -sim.cvb быть -gnr -hab -pf.ptc -pl
They were taking it with them all the time.
Они его таскали с собой весь день.
The creation of animals (2)
"Ọːn-ahị ńekčip, helbetčim kata", goːnče.
ọːn =E-sI nek -DʒI -p helbe -Č -DʒI -m khata.Y goːn -čE
how =ep-emph do -fut -1pl.in lead -res -fut -1sg ptl.Y say -pf.ptc
как =ep-emph делать -fut -1pl.в lead -res -fut -1sg ptl.Y сказать -pf.ptc
"What should we do, I have to drag them with me", he said.
- А что поделаю, буду таскать с собой.
Pear story (4) (2)
Tarjakaːn [hor] elgenni ičurin ečin, ńaːn, tar qụŋaːqaːjakaːn horurin.
tar -jEkEːn elge -n -n(I) it -U -RI -n(I) er -čIn ńaːn tar kụŋaː -KEːn -jEkEːn hor -U -RI -n(I)
dist -dim lead.on.leash -anr -poss.3sg see -intr -pst -poss.3sg prox -adv also dist child -dim -dim go.away -tr -pst -poss.3sg
dist -dim lead.на.leash -anr -poss.3sg видеть -intr -pst -poss.3sg prox -adv тоже dist ребенок -dim -dim идти.прочь -tr -pst -poss.3sg
It was shown how he took it with him, and, the little boy took it away.
Было видно, что он его вел за собой, и ребенок унес.
Pear story (2) (1)
Dʒeː tarịč bọllaːna omen bej bọllaːna dʒeː kọzaːčaːmị elgenikeːn ieltenni tar bej hatlịn.
dʒe.Y tar -E-Č buollaγïna.Y omen bej buollaγïna.Y dʒe.Y koza.R -KEːn -W -J elge -nIkEːn ielten -n(I) tar bej hat -(dU)LI -n(I)
ptl.Y dist -ep-ins ptl.Y one man ptl.Y ptl.Y goat.R -dim -acc -prfl.sg lead.on.leash -sim.cvb pass -3sg dist man near -prol -poss.3sg
ptl.Y dist -ep-ins ptl.Y один мужчина ptl.Y ptl.Y goat.R -dim -acc -prfl.sg lead.на.leash -sim.cvb pass -3sg dist мужчина near -prol -poss.3sg
And then, a man with his little goat passed by near that man.