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Bear story (1)
Hịrkaːrbụr ịawụr hiːwutčel.
hịrkaːn -L -WUr ịa -WUr hiːw -E-Č -čE -L
knife -pl -prfl.pl what -prfl.pl sharpen -ep-res -pf.ptc -pl
нож -pl -prfl.pl что -prfl.pl sharpen -ep-res -pf.ptc -pl
They sharpened their knives and everything.
Так они стали готовить ножи,
Even ghost stories (1)
Tarańdʒal ekčil bičel, gadịdʒụr tutennikeːn, gadda-da-kka ehni [ude] hịrkaːń hučehne, [tač] tačịn dʒepte.
tar -ndʒE -L er -G(E)čIn -L bi -čE -L ga -RIdʒI -L tut -E-n -nIkEːn ga -R(E) -R(E) =dE =kkE e -R(E) -n(I) hịrkaːn -Č hut -E-s(E)n -R(E) tar -čIn dʒeb -R(E)
dist -aug -pl prox -sml -pl be -pf.ptc -pl take -ant.cvb -pl run -ep-mult -sim.cvb take -neg.cvb -nonfut(3pl) =ptl =emph neg -nonfut -3sg knife -ins stick.in -ep-lim -nonfut(3pl) dist -adv eat -nonfut(3pl)
dist -aug -pl prox -sml -pl быть -pf.ptc -pl взять -ant.cvb -pl бежать -ep-mult -sim.cvb взять -neg.cvb -nonfut(3pl) =ptl =emph neg -nonfut -3sg нож -ins больной.в -ep-lim -nonfut(3pl) dist -adv есть -nonfut(3pl)
They were such creatures, they would hunt and run, and when they hunted something down, they would stab it with the knife and ate like that.
Они были невозможные, бежали ловили добычу и ножом убивали, так и съедали.
Even taboos and customs (1)
Tar ụrawmị ịamị ennej meːle dʒepte, ečin kewedʒi ịanịkaːn-ka, iːtči ịanịkaːn-kana, [...] čịkịnịkaːn hịrkaːń ịanịkaːn dʒebennej, tọbọń ịanịkaːn.
tar ụra -W -mI ịa -mI ennej meːne.Y dʒeb -R(E) er -čIn kewe -DʒI ịa -nIkEːn =kkE iːt -DʒI ịa -nIkEːn =kEnE čịkị -nIkEːn hịrkaːn -Č ịa -nIkEːn dʒeb -E-nnE -J topor.R -Č ịa -nIkEːn
dist miss.aim -advrs -cond.cvb what -cond.cvb sin simply.Y eat -neg.cvb prox -adv jaw -inst.prfl.sg what -sim.cvb =emph tooth -inst.prfl.sg what -sim.cvb =contr cut.off -sim.cvb knife -ins what -sim.cvb eat -ep-nec.ptc -prfl.sg axe.R -ins what -sim.cvb
dist пропустить.aim -advrs -cond.cvb что -cond.cvb sin ппросто.Y есть -neg.cvb prox -adv jaw -inst.prfl.sg что -sim.cvb =emph зуб -inst.prfl.sg что -sim.cvb =contr резать.off -sim.cvb нож -ins что -sim.cvb есть -ep-nec.ptc -prfl.sg топор.R -ins что -sim.cvb
And if it (gets accidentally shot by) missing (the real target) or something like that, it is a sin to eat it just like that, doing it like that with the jaws, doing it with the teeth, but it has to be eaten so that (pieces) are cut off with a knife, or with an axe.
Если промахнулся (на охоте) и это нельзя просто так съесть, и мясо нельзя жевать зубами, и ножом резать, соскаблевать с костей, топором рубя.