Lexical glosses for Even (English)

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An Even farce (1)
Buːdelu enšen-ke-e!
boːdel-W en-R(E)-N(I)=kE=e
My leg hurts!
Нога болит!
Even taboos and customs (2)
I, ịak-kana, emie iːndʒij, [...] maːča.
i.R ịa -k =kEnE emie iːndʒi -J maː -čE
and.R what -nom =contr again tendon -prfl.sg hurt -pf.ptc
and.R что -nom =contr снова tendon -prfl.sg hurt -pf.ptc
And he, uhm, also hurt his own tendons [...]
Cannibal story (1)
Tarịt emdeːj nekeddeken [tik] tikendagan-e, eriŋi taraŋị [b] tar, dʒụːlaj horridʒi emie eriŋi taraŋị maːča emie, tikče tala ọjčịdnịkaːn.
tar -E-Č em -DEː -J nek -E-D -REk -E-n(I) tik -E-nTEKEn =e er -E-ŋ -J tar -E-ŋ -J tar dʒụː -(dU)LE -J hor -RIdʒI emie.Y er -E-ŋ -J tar -E-ŋ -J maː -čE emie.Y tik -čE tar -(dU)LE ọjčị -D -nIkEːn
dist -ep-ins come -purp.cvb -prfl.sg do -ep-prog -cond.cvb -ep-poss.3sg fall -ep-mult.cvb =ints prox -ep-aln -prfl.sg dist -ep-aln -prfl.sg dist house -loc -prfl.sg go.away -ant.cvb again.Y prox -ep-aln -prfl.sg dist -ep-aln -prfl.sg hurt -pf.ptc again.Y fall -pf.ptc dist -loc climb -prog -sim.cvb
dist -ep-ins прийти -purp.cvb -prfl.sg делать -ep-prog -cond.cvb -ep-poss.3sg fall -ep-mult.cvb =ints prox -ep-aln -prfl.sg dist -ep-aln -prfl.sg dist дом -loc -prfl.sg идти.прочь -ant.cvb снова.Y prox -ep-aln -prfl.sg dist -ep-aln -prfl.sg hurt -pf.ptc снова.Y fall -pf.ptc dist -loc climb -prog -sim.cvb
When she was preparing for the journey, she kept on falling, again and again, she went home and again she hurt herself, she fell when she was going up there (sc. to her flat).
Вот когда собирались, то она упадет то, что-то поранит.