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Cannibal story (1)
Maːrịdʒị bọlla tar ịača, ọːn, ečin, dʒebem bọlla tar, tačịn tar nọŋan ečin ịaw-kana, bụlụː, dʒepti bimi tar, tọwụkaːnịkaːn dʒepče tar atịkaːn.
maː -RIdʒI buolla.Y tar ịa -čE ọːn er -čIn dʒebem buolla.Y tar tar -čIn tar nọŋan er -čIn ịa -W =kEnE buluː.Y dʒeb -RI bi -mI tar tọg -WkEːn -nIkEːn dʒeb -čE tar atịkaːn
kill -ant.cvb ptl.Y dist what -pf.ptc how prox -adv hungry ptl.Y dist dist -adv dist 3sg prox -adv what -acc =contr prey.Y eat -impf.ptc be -cond.cvb dist lie.down(animal) -caus -sim.cvb eat -pf.ptc dist old.woman
убить -ant.cvb ptl.Y dist что -pf.ptc как prox -adv hungry ptl.Y dist dist -adv dist 3sg prox -adv что -acc =contr добыча.Y есть -impf.ptc быть -cond.cvb dist лежать.down(животное) -caus -sim.cvb есть -pf.ptc dist старый.женщина
She killed him, and, whatsitsname, uhm, she was hungry, wasn't she, she, uhm, prey, she started eating, she laid him down and ate him, that old woman.
Убила, и стала есть так как едят еду.