Lexical glosses for Even (English)

This list of lexical glosses found in the Even transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

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Spirits (2)
Ọttọn adịkụn ọralkan bej buollaːna himbir.
otton.Y adị-kUN ọran-lkEn bej buollaγïna sinbiːr.Y
ADVRS.DP.Y how:much-ADJ reindeer-PROPR man DP.Y anyway.Y
ADVRS.DP.Y сколько-ПРИЛ олень-ПРОПР мужчина DP.Y anyway.Y
And when a man with only a few reindeer (dies)-it's all the same.
А когда человек, у которого только несколько оленей (умрет), все ровно.
The sacred reindeer (1)
Hiːgridʒur bukaːtịn adị-da dọlbọnịw dʒepte bọlla.
hiːg-RIdʒI-L bukatïn.Y adị=dE dọlbanị-W dʒeb-R(E) buolla.Y
flay-ANT.CVB-PL in:general.Y how:much=DP night-ACC eat-NONFUT(3PL) DP.Y
flay-ANT.КОНВ-МН in:general.Y сколько=DP ночь-АКК есть-NONFUT(3МН) DP.Y
When he flayed it, they ate it for a couple of days.
Мясо тарбагана они ели несколько дней.
The raven and the crow (1)
Mangịr bimi taraptụk adịkụn hutelken biče, ọːdị ọːča.
mangịr bi-mI tar-rEp-DUk(U) adị-kUN hute-E-lkEn bi-čE ọː-RI ọː-čE
raven be-COND.CVB DIST-TEMP.N-ABL how:much-ADJ child-0-PROPR be-PF.PTC become-IMPF.PTC become-PF.PTC
raven быть-КОНД.КОНВ DIST-TEMP.N-АБЛ сколько-ПРИЛ ребенок-0-ПРОПР быть-ПРФ.ПРИЧ become-ИМПФ.ПРИЧ become-ПРФ.ПРИЧ
After that time, the raven had a couple of children, it began to do so.
С тех пор у воронa стало несколько детей.