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A conversation about Even culture (3)
Aːwụn bih.
aːwan bi -R(E)
hat be -nonfut(3pl)
hat быть -nonfut(3pl)
There are hats.
Шапки, есть.
Pear story (5) (2)
Ńaːn ịlan hurkeːr gịrqatčal baqrịtan, gịrqasnịdʒụr baqrịtan šl'aːpawan, aːwman.
ńaːn ịlan hurkeːn -L gịrka -Č -čE -L bak -RI -tEn gịrka -s(E)n -RIdʒI -L bak -RI -tEn šljapa.R -W -E-n(I) aːwan -W -E-n(I)
also three young.man -pl walk -res -pf.ptc -pl find -pst -poss.3pl walk -lim -ant.cvb -pl find -pst -poss.3pl hat.R -acc -ep-poss.3sg hat -acc -ep-poss.3sg
тоже три молодой.мужчина -pl идти -res -pf.ptc -pl найти -pst -poss.3pl идти -lim -ant.cvb -pl найти -pst -poss.3pl hat.R -acc -ep-poss.3sg hat -acc -ep-poss.3sg
And the three boys that were walking found, when they went on, they found a hat, a cap.
Pear story (3) (1)
Ee, hɛːrin, tarịč [goːn] goːŋun, ịawan-kana aːwụman, hokkidu tetučeŋken aːwụčaːnnị bihni, taraŋman boːnen.
ee hie -RI -n(I) tar -E-Č goːn goːŋi -n(I) ịa -W -E-n(I) =kEnE aːwan -W -E-n(I) hok -RI -DU tet -U -Č -E-ŋkE -n(I) aːwan -KEːn -n(I) bi -R(E) -n(I) tarak -ŋ -W -E-n(I) boː -nE -n(I)
intj appear -pst -poss.3sg dist -ep-ins say call -3sg what -acc -ep-poss.3sg =contr hat -acc -ep-poss.3sg be.hot -impf.ptc -dat wear -intr -res -ep-nr -poss.3sg hat -dim -poss.3sg be -nonfut -3sg dist -aln -acc -ep-poss.3sg give -intent -3sg
intj появиться -pst -poss.3sg dist -ep-ins сказать звать -3sg что -acc -ep-poss.3sg =contr hat -acc -ep-poss.3sg быть.горячий -impf.ptc -dat носить -intr -res -ep-nr -poss.3sg hat -dim -poss.3sg быть -nonfut -3sg dist -aln -acc -ep-poss.3sg дать -intent -3sg
So, she appeared and called (him), uhm, whatchamacallit, his hat, he had a hat that is worn in heat, that's what she went to give him.
The creation of animals (1)
"Tol'ka biː, uŋdʒim bọlla, aːwmị aːtča ọːdakan, hinu bejčidʒim-gu?"
tol'ko.R biː uŋ -DʒI -m buolla.Y aːwan -W -J aːtča ọː -REk -E-n(I) hin -W bejči -DʒI -m =GU
onlyR. 1sg hey -fut -1sg ptl.Y hat -acc -prfl.sg neg.ex become -cond.cvb -ep-poss.3sg 2sg.obl -acc hunt -fut -1sg =q
onlyR. 1sg hey -fut -1sg ptl.Y hat -acc -prfl.sg neg.ex become -cond.cvb -ep-poss.3sg 2sg.obl -acc охотиться -fut -1sg =q
"Only if I, uhm, if I stay without a hat, should I hunt you?"
- Но только когда у меня шапки не будет, я буду за тобой охотиться.
Pear story (4) (1)
Aːwmị-da beririn, tala tikewrin, ńaːn qụŋaːlńun nọŋan tawụddịn.
aːwan -W -J =dE beri -RI -n(I) tar -(dU)LE tik -E-W -RI -n(I) ńaːn kụŋaː -L -ńUn nọŋan taw -E-D -RI -n(I)
hat -acc -prfl.sg =ptl lose -pst -poss.3sg dist -loc fall -ep-advrs -pst -poss.3sg also child -pl -com 3sg gather -ep-prog -pst -poss.3sg
hat -acc -prfl.sg =ptl потерять -pst -poss.3sg dist -loc fall -ep-advrs -pst -poss.3sg тоже ребенок -pl -com 3sg собиратть -ep-prog -pst -poss.3sg
And he lost his hat, he dropped it there, and he was collecting (sc. his stuff) together with the children.
И шапку потерял, там уронил, и стал подбирать с ребятами.
Pear story (2) (2)
Erek hurkeːn bimi tadu dessidʒelden, helepečeːnni degelden, ile-de ile.
er -k hurkeːn bi -mI tar -DU desči -D -E-L -R(E) -n(I) šljapa.R -KEːn -n(I) deg -E-L -R(E) -n(I) ir -(dU)LE =dE ir -(dU)LE
prox -nom young.man be -cond.cvb dist -dat lie -prog -ep-inch -nonfut -3sg hat.R -dim -poss.3sg fly -ep-inch -nonfut -3sg which -loc =ptl which -loc
prox -nom молодой.мужчина быть -cond.cvb dist -dat лежать -prog -ep-inch -nonfut -3sg hat.R -dim -poss.3sg летать -ep-inch -nonfut -3sg который -loc =ptl который -loc
That boy, he lay there, his hat flew away, oh, where is it?
Cannibal story (1)
"Tar ereli kojeːtteku", goːnni ečin, "araj ọstọl boːdellen ečin debeńe, ịalkaːn, debeńe ọjalkaːn", goːnni ečin, "ewudi, ewedič tetutti kočuːkeːkeːn", goːnni, "etikeːn bụkatịn ečin ewudi aːwalkaːn, ewudi mụkalkaːn, tar, debuli astaːlkaːn, ụntalkaːn", goːnni ečin, ečin, "gaːdač", goːnni ečin tar ịawụ-kana ečin, "ọstọl boːdelen herdewen ečin delbi", goːnni ečin, "ịan-kana...".
tar ereli kojeː -Č -REk -W goːn -n(I) er -čIn araj.Y stol.R boːdel -(dU)LE -n(I) er -čIn debeńe ịa -lkEːn debeńe ọj -E-lkEːn goːn -n(I) er -čIn ewen -DI ewen -DI -Č tet -U -Č -RI koč -ː -kEːkEːn goːn -n(I) etikeːn bukatïn.Y er -čIn ewen -DI aːwan -E-lkEːn ewen -DI mụka -lkEːn tar debuli štany.R -lkEːn ụnta -lkEːn goːn -n(I) er -čIn er -čIn gaːsač goːn -n(I) er -čIn tar ịa -W =kEnE er -čIn stol.R buːdel -E-n(I) her -dE -W -E-n(I) er -čIn delbi.Y goːn -n(I) er -čIn ịa -n(I) =kEnE
dist around look -res -cond.cvb -poss.1sg say -3sg prox -adv ptl.Y table.R leg -loc -poss.3sg prox -adv hairy what -prop hairy clothes -ep-prop say -3sg prox -adv Even -adjr Even -adjr -ins wear -tr -res -impf.ptc little -ints -dim say -3sg old.man completely.Y prox -adv Even -adjr hat -ep-prop Even -adjr fur.coat -prop dist furry trousers.R -prop fur.boot -prop say -3sg prox -adv prox -adv permanently say -3sg prox -adv dist what -acc =contr prox -adv table.R foot -ep-poss.3sg down -nr -acc -ep-poss.3sg prox -adv strongly.Y say -3sg prox -adv what -3sg =contr
dist around смотреть -res -cond.cvb -poss.1sg сказать -3sg prox -adv ptl.Y стол.R нога -loc -poss.3sg prox -adv hairy что -prop hairy clothes -ep-prop сказать -3sg prox -adv Even -adjr Even -adjr -ins носить -tr -res -impf.ptc маленький -ints -dim сказать -3sg старый.мужчина completely.Y prox -adv Even -adjr hat -ep-prop Even -adjr мех.верхняя:одежда -prop dist furry штаны.R -prop мех.сапог -prop сказать -3sg prox -adv prox -adv permanently сказать -3sg prox -adv dist что -acc =contr prox -adv стол.R ступня -ep-poss.3sg down -nr -acc -ep-poss.3sg prox -adv strongly.Y сказать -3sg prox -adv что -3sg =contr
"Around it", she said, "at the leg of the table, a tiny old man dressed in Even way, in furry, uhm, furry clothes, with an Even hat, Even fur coat, with thick fur trousers, with fur boots", she said, "permanently, she said whatchamacallit, around the table legs so, she said, he very much thingoed".
У ног стола стоит маленький старик в эвенской одежде и бегает вокруг ножек стола. В эвенской окрашенной из ольхи одежде, в эвенской шапке, в унтах бегает и бегает.