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Even ghost stories (2)
Ee, pekterewundʒi-de enneh pekteren, ule aːtčalbụ.
ee pekterewun -DʒI =dE e -nnE -s(I) pekteren üle.Y aːtča -L -W
intj gun -inst.prfl.sg =ptl neg -nec.ptc -poss.2sg shoot(neg.cvb) work.Y neg.ex -pl -acc
intj ружье -inst.prfl.sg =ptl neg -nec.ptc -poss.2sg стрелять(neg.cvb) работать.Y neg.ex -pl -acc
You couldn't shoot at them with your gun, no use.
Нельзя было в него стрелять.
Chat about an Evenki film (1)
Pekterendʒilru, ịan, pekterendʒilreken pekterewmen hịːndụsnịkaːn, əə, iːreken derisendeːn gịrqarịŋtkịj.
pekteren -D -E-L -(R)U ịa -n(I) pekteren -D -E-L -REk -E-n(I) pekterewun -W -E-n(I) hịːnda -s -nIkEːn əə iː -REk -E-n(I) derin -s(E)n -DEː -n(I) gịrkarị -ŋ -t(E)kI -J
shoot -prog -ep-inch -1pl.ex what -3sg(nonfut) shoot -prog -ep-inch -cond.cvb -ep-poss.3sg gun -acc -ep-poss.3sg push -mult -sim.cvb hesit be.heard -cond.cvb -ep-poss.3sg flee -lim -purp.cvb -poss.3sg wolf -aln -all -prfl.sg
стрелять -prog -ep-inch -1pl.ex что -3sg(nonfut) стрелять -prog -ep-inch -cond.cvb -ep-poss.3sg ружье -acc -ep-poss.3sg push -mult -sim.cvb hesit быть.heard -cond.cvb -ep-poss.3sg flee -lim -purp.cvb -poss.3sg волк -aln -весь -prfl.sg
We shoot, erm, when he started to shoot, he was jostling his gun, so that the wolf hears it and runs away.
Когда прицелился, он стал толкать, чтоб от звука выстрела волк убежал.