Lexical glosses for Even (English)

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Black force and White force (12)
Hakarịn mergen ńaːn ńọːbatị mergen ukčeːnmečeketnen.
hakarịn mergen ńaːn ńọːbatị mergen ukčeːnmeček -E-tEn
black force and white force conversation -ep-poss.3pl
черный force and белый force conversation -ep-poss.3pl
A Conversation between the Black Force and the White Force
Разговор черной силы и белой силы.
Cannibal story (1)
Tarak ahị böjen bọddʒịn mutu, kussi, "bọddʒịm-da bọddʒịm".
tar -k asị bej -E-n(I) bọd -DʒI -n(I) mut -W küssi.Y bọd -DʒI -m =dE bọd -DʒI -m
dist -nom woman self -ep-poss.3sg follow -fut -3sg 1pl.in -acc by.force.Y follow -fut -1sg =ptl follow -fut -1sg
dist -nom женщина сам -ep-poss.3sg follow -fut -3sg 1pl.в -acc by.force.Y follow -fut -1sg =ptl follow -fut -1sg
That woman came with us by herself, by force - "I'll come with you, I'll come with you".
Силой напросилась к нам. Она говорила: - Я поеду с вами, поеду с вами.