Lexical glosses for Even (English)

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A conversation about Even culture (12)
[ńuː] Ńuːrendi?
* ńuːr -E-n -RI
* flee -ep-mult -impf.ptc
* flee -ep-mult -impf.ptc
'Fleeing' (ńuːrendi)?
Chat about an Evenki film (3)
derin -U -E-Č -E-D -R(E) -n(I)
flee -vr -ep-res -ep-prog -nonfut -3sg
flee -vr -ep-res -ep-prog -nonfut -3sg
He fled.
The creation of animals (3)
"Ŋiːt-te ńọːhčịmị turkuttem."
ŋiː -Č =dE ńọːn -sčI -mI turku -Č -R(E) -m
who -ins =ptl flee -conat -cond.cvb not.be.able -res -nonfut -1sg
кто -ins =ptl flee -conat -cond.cvb не.быть.able -res -nonfut -1sg
I have nothing to flee with.
Bear story (2)
Asatkaːn tar iekeji emeːnnen-de, moːle, ńọːŋčụkaːnnị.
asatkaːn tar ieke -J emeːn -R(E) -n(I) =dE moː -(dU)LE ńọːn -Č -WkEːn -n(I)
girl dist cauldron -prfl.sg leave -nonfut -3sg =ptl water -loc flee -res -caus -3sg
girl dist cauldron -prfl.sg оставить -nonfut -3sg =ptl вода -loc flee -res -caus -3sg
The girl left her cauldrons on the river and fled.
Девушка оставила на реке кастрюли и убежала,
Biblical stories (1)
Tiwomi taraptụk hịːralmattịwụr meːr etekendukur, meːni tar, ńọːmattịl [ọː ta] ọːčal.
tiemi tar -rEp -DUk(U) hịːr -E-L -mEČ -RI -WUr meːn -L et -E-kEn -DUk(U) -WUr meːn -J tar ńọːn -mEČ -RI -L ọː -čE -L
therefore dist -temp.nr -abl rage -ep-inch -rec -impf.ptc -prfl.pl self -pl win -ep-trm.cvb -abl -prfl.pl self -prfl.sg dist flee -rec -impf.ptc -pl become -pf.ptc -pl
therefore dist -temp.nr -abl rage -ep-inch -rec -impf.ptc -prfl.pl сам -pl win -ep-trm.cvb -abl -prfl.pl сам -prfl.sg dist flee -rec -impf.ptc -pl become -pf.ptc -pl
Therefore, from this time, they started to avoid each other, because they grew angry with each other because they (thought they) won.
С тех пор они обиделись и убегают друг от друга.