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Black force and White force (2)
"Biː-kkoː hineč ehem ŋeːlde, hiː-kke tar moːč ŋeːlukeːčendi."
biː =kkE -ː hin -E-Č e -R(E) -m ŋeːl -R(E) hiː =kkE tar moː -Č ŋeːl -WkEːn -Č -R(E) -nrI
1sg =emph -ints 2sg.obl -ep-ins neg -nonfut -1sg fear -neg.cvb 2sg =emph dist water -ins fear -caus -res -nonfut -2sg
1sg =emph -ints 2sg.obl -ep-ins neg -nonfut -1sg fear -neg.cvb 2sg =emph dist вода -ins fear -caus -res -nonfut -2sg
"I'm not afraid of you, and you are threatening me with water?".
- Я тебя не боюсь. Что ты меня водой пугаешь?
Cannibal story (2)
"Tarịt tar eču heŋuːhene", goːnni, "bụkaːtịn eču heŋuːlde".
tar -E-Č tar e -čE -W heŋuːn -s(E)n -R(E) goːn -n(I) bukatïn.Y e -čE -W heŋuːn -L -R(E)
dist -ep-ins dist neg -pf.ptc -poss.1sg fear -lim -neg.cvb say -3sg completely.Y neg -pf.ptc -poss.1sg fear -inch -neg.cvb
dist -ep-ins dist neg -pf.ptc -poss.1sg fear -lim -neg.cvb сказать -3sg completely.Y neg -pf.ptc -poss.1sg fear -inch -neg.cvb
"I wasn't scared", she said, "I didn't get scared at all."
Она сказала, я даже не испугалась.
Chat about an Evenki film (1)
Eseken hịamačịmsa, ŋeːlren, ŋịnan, tara.
e -REk -E-n(I) hịa -mEČ -E-m -R(E) ŋeːl -R(E) -n(I) ŋịn -E-n(I) tar
neg -cond.cvb -ep-poss.3sg bite -rec -ep-des -neg.cvb fear -nonfut -3sg dog -ep-poss.3sg dist
neg -cond.cvb -ep-poss.3sg кусать -rec -ep-des -neg.cvb fear -nonfut -3sg собака -ep-poss.3sg dist
He didn't want to fight, the dog, he was afraid.
Его собака не хотела драться, боялась.
Biblical stories (1)
Tarịč ŋeːlellin bọlla, "Erek mindule ịawụ-kana er erdiːn binikeːr bọlla"
tar -E-Č ŋeːl -E-L -RI -n(I) buolla.Y er -k min -(dU)LE ịa -W =kEnE er er dịː -n(I) bi -nIkEːn -L buolla.Y
dist -ep-ins fear -ep-inch -pst -poss.3sg ptl.Y prox -nom 1sg.obl -loc what -acc =contr prox prox size -poss.3sg be -sim.cvb -pl ptl.Y
dist -ep-ins fear -ep-inch -pst -poss.3sg ptl.Y prox -nom 1sg.obl -loc что -acc =contr prox prox size -poss.3sg быть -sim.cvb -pl ptl.Y
He got scared, "Why are they coming to me in such numbers?"
он испугался: - Зачем они ко мне поднимаются, так их много.
Bear story (1)
Tar omeń akmị emudeːji ịarakụ ŋeːlellin, eč emne.
tar omen -Č akan -J em -U -DEː -J ịa -REk -W ŋeːl -E-L -RI -n(I) e -čE em -R(E)
dist one -ins uncle -prfl.sg come -tr -purp.cvb -prfl.sg what -cond.cvb -poss.1sg fear -ep-inch -pst -poss.3sg neg -pf.ptc come -neg.cvb
dist один -ins uncle -prfl.sg прийти -tr -purp.cvb -prfl.sg что -cond.cvb -poss.1sg fear -ep-inch -pst -poss.3sg neg -pf.ptc прийти -neg.cvb
Once when I was about to bring my uncle with me, he got scared and didn't come.
Один раз я хотел привезти его сюда, но он отказался.