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Biblical stories (2)
Ọl aːta tar tọgụ hiːwideːji pọtọpụ ọːwkaːndʒịŋawụ.
ol.Y aːta.Y tar tọg -W hiːw -I -DEː -J potop.R -W ọː -WkEːn -DʒIŋE -W
dist.Y ptl.Y dist fire -acc be.extinguished -tr -purp.cvb -prfl.sg flood.R -acc become -caus -hyp.ptc -acc
dist.Y ptl.Y dist огонь -acc быть.extinguished -tr -purp.cvb -prfl.sg flood.R -acc become -caus -hyp.ptc -acc
So that, in order to extinguish the fire, he will cause a flood.
сделает всемирный потоп.
Black force and White force (1)
"Hiːwidʒim tar, hinu, tọgụh-ta, ịaŋụh-karịa, duriŋuh-te ịaŋụh-da."
hiːw -I -DʒI -m tar hin -W tọg -W -s(I) =dE ịa -ŋ -W -s(I) =kErIE duri -ŋ -W -s(I) =dE ịa -ŋ -W -s(I) =dE
be.extinguished -tr -fut -1sg dist 2sg.obl -acc fire -acc -poss.2sg =ptl what -aln -acc -poss.2sg =contr fire -aln -acc -poss.2sg =ptl what -aln -acc -poss.2sg =ptl
быть.extinguished -tr -fut -1sg dist 2sg.obl -acc огонь -acc -poss.2sg =ptl что -aln -acc -poss.2sg =contr огонь -aln -acc -poss.2sg =ptl что -aln -acc -poss.2sg =ptl
"I will extinguish you, your fire and, uhm, your burning and all."
- Тогда я погашу твой огонь и твой пожар.