Lexical glosses for Even (English)

This list of lexical glosses found in the Even transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

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A conversation about Even culture (25)
toːre =kkE
word =emph
слово =emph
Such word?
Такое слово?
Bear story (7)
Tar gịadmar, ekedmer dọldača.
tar gịa -dmEr eken -E-dmEr dọlda -čE
dist other -emph older.sister -ep-emph hear -pf.ptc
dist другой -emph older.сестра -ep-emph слышать -pf.ptc
And then one of them, the older sister, heard (it).
Однажды сестра услышала (и сказала младшей сестренке)
Chat about an Evenki film (32)
kụŋaː -KEːn -jEkEːn =kkE
child -dim -dim =emph
ребенок -dim -dim =emph
And the boy?
А ребёнок?
The creation of animals (15)
"Ee, hiː mindu-ke?"
ee hiː min -DU =kkE
intj 2sg 1sg.obl -dat =emph
intj 2sg 1sg.obl -dat =emph
"You, by me?"
- А, ты мной?
Pear story (5) (2)
Ńaːn tar-sị. Ọddam.
ńaːn tar =sI ọd -R(E) -m
also dist =emph finish -nonfut -1sg
тоже dist =emph закончить -nonfut -1sg
This is all. I've finished.
Even ghost stories (8)
Ọttọ(n) arịŋkọ-kkọ ịak?
otton.Y arịŋka =kkE ịa -k
advrs.ptl.Y demon =emph what -nom
advrs.ptl.Y demon =emph что -nom
So, what is 'arinka', then?
А, арин-ка, это кто?
The sacred reindeer (6)
"Dʒe, ehem haːr, dọgọr!"
dʒe.Y e -R(E) -m haː -R(E) doγor.Y
ptl.Y neg -nonfut -1sg know -neg.cvb emph.ptlY
ptl.Y neg -nonfut -1sg know -neg.cvb emph.ptlY
"Oh, I have no idea!"
"О, не знаю!"
Biblical stories (8)
"Dʒe tar Satana-da, Satana! Ịak-ka ele ečin čọŋkarịn, ịak-ka tarak-ta?"
dʒe.Y tar Satana.R =dE Satana.R ịa -k =kkE er -(dU)LE er -čIn čọŋka -RI -n(I) ịa -k =kkE tar -k =dE
ptl.Y dist Satan.R =ptl Satan.R what -nom =emph prox -loc prox -adv dig -pst -poss.3sg what -nom =emph dist -nom =ptl
ptl.Y dist Satan.R =ptl Satan.R что -nom =emph prox -loc prox -adv dig -pst -poss.3sg что -nom =emph dist -nom =ptl
"Oh, Satan, Satan! Who has dug (sc. mountains) here like that, who was it?"
- Сатана, Сатана! Кто придумал горы?
Black force and White force (3)
Tarbač ńọːbatị-tmar goːnče, ikeːhenče:
tarbač ńọːbatị =dmEr goːn -čE ikeː -s(E)n -čE
ptl white =emph say -pf.ptc sing -lim -pf.ptc
ptl белый =emph сказать -pf.ptc sing -lim -pf.ptc
The white one said, he began to sing:
Тогда белая сила поет:
Cannibal story (18)
Ịbga-kka ukčeːneku ukčeːnenni, aj-ke, dʒulep dʒebehmi bremjadun, irek tarak.
ịbga =kkE ukčeːnek -W ukčeːn -R(E) -nrI aj =kkE dʒulep dʒeb -E-m -RI vremja.R -DU -n(I) ir -k tar -k
good =emph story -acc tell -nonfut -2sg good =emph previous eat -ep-des -impf.ptc time.R -dat -poss.3sg which -nom dist -nom
хороший =emph story -acc говорить -nonfut -2sg хороший =emph previous есть -ep-des -impf.ptc время.R -dat -poss.3sg который -nom dist -nom
You told (us) a very nice story, a good one, from ancient times of starvation, different things.
Какие хорошие рассказы, рассказала. Как хорошо.