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Ọttọn ečin-ke ụːltaːwkịn-ke eten, amahkị hundule mụčụdʒịn, goːn bọlla ečin.
otton.Y er -čIn =kkE ụːltaːwkị -n(I) =kkE e -DʒI -n(I) amar -skI hun -(dU)LE mụčụ -DʒI -n(I) goːn buolla.Y er -čIn
adv.ptl.Y prox -adv =emph echo -3sg =emph neg -fut -3sg back.side -all.adv 2pl.obl -loc return -fut -3sg say(nonfut.3pl) ptl.Y prox -adv
adv.ptl.Y prox -adv =emph echo -3sg =emph neg -fut -3sg назад.сторона -весь.adv 2pl.obl -loc вернуться -fut -3sg сказать(nonfut.3pl) ptl.Y prox -adv
Well, it echoes, doesn't it, and it could come back to you, that's what they say.
- Это грех, может к тебе обратно вернуться.