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Bear story (1)
Ụrkačak gerbe goːŋner ehni, hoːnteldule bičeːdʒin.
ụrkačak gerbe goːn -Gr(E) -R(E) e -R(E) -n(I) hoːnte -L -(dU)LE bi -čEːdʒI -n(I)
bear.meat.eating.ritual name say -hab -nonfut neg -nonfut -3sg other -pl -loc be -prob -3sg
bear.мясо.eating.ritual name сказать -hab -nonfut neg -nonfut -3sg другой -pl -loc быть -prob -3sg
It is said that there is a ritual of eating bear meat (Urkachak), other people probably have it.
Говорят есть такой праздник, называется «Уркачак».