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Cannibal story (5)
Toːr ịan?
toːr ịa -n(I)
earth what -3sg
earth что -3sg
What would the earth do?
- Что сделает земля?
Tompo in Soviet times (3)
"Ej, ịak-karịa, toːr, əə, toːr ńịrịn emŋe."
ej ịa -k =kErIE toːr əə toːr ńịrị -n(I) emŋe
intj what -nom =contr earth hesit earth back -poss.3sg broad
intj что -nom =contr earth hesit earth назад -poss.3sg broad
"Ha, well, the Earth's back is broad."
«Э, спина у земли широкая».
Spirits (1)
Hoːnte toːrle goːweːtte, tačịn goːŋder.
hoːnte toːr-(dU)LE goːn-WEːČ-R(E) tačịn goːn-Gr(E)-R(E)-r
other earth-LOC say-GNR-NONFUT.3PL so say-HAB-NONFUT-3PL
другой earth-ЛОК сказать-GNR-NONFUT.3МН так сказать-ХАБ-NONFUT-3МН
(He is going) to the other earth, that's what they used to say.
(Уезжает) в другую землю, говорят, так говорили.
A conversation about Even culture (8)
ịak urečin toːrli,
ịa -k ureč -E-n(I) toːr -(dU)LI
what -nom like -ep-poss.3sg earth -prol
что -nom любить -ep-poss.3sg earth -prol
what region it is,
по какой земле пасти оленей,
Even ghost stories (2)
Toːr ọːn [ọːdọŋ ọːdọŋ] ọːdaŋan?
toːr ọːn ọː -DEŋ -E-n(I)
earth how do -pst.ptc -ep-poss.3sg
earth как делать -pst.ptc -ep-poss.3sg
How was the earth created?
Как земля сотворилась?
Biblical stories (10)
Tar [pu] bej ịanịkaːn, kokeːnikeːn toːr goːnikeːn.
tar bej ịa -nIkEːn kokeː -nIkEːn toːr goːn -nIkEːn
dist man what -sim.cvb die -sim.cvb earth say -sim.cvb
dist мужчина что -sim.cvb умереть -sim.cvb earth сказать -sim.cvb
So that man, erm, dies on that earth.
Chat about an Evenki film (1)
Toːr ọjlan omniten tarak kịːna, tarrọːčịn kịːna aːtča.
toːr ọj -(dU)LE -n(I) omen -(G)I -tEn tar -k kino.R tar -WEːčIn kino.R aːtča
earth surface -loc -poss.3sg one -ord -poss.3pl dist -nom film.R dist -qual film.R neg.ex
earth поверхность -loc -poss.3sg один -ord -poss.3pl dist -nom film.R dist -qual film.R neg.ex
This movie is the first in the world, there is no (other) movie like that.
На земле это единственный фильм, такого нет.
Stories of God and the Devil (3)
Bej bimi buteːk bimeːgen ọːča tačịn, toːr ojlin tačịn gịrkahanča.
bej bi -mI buteːk bi -mEːgEn ọː -čE tar -čIn toːr oj -(dU)LI -n(I) tar -čIn gịrka -s(E)n -čE
man be -cond.cvb sickly be -nr become -pf.ptc dist -adv earth top -prol -poss.3sg dist -adv walk -lim -pf.ptc
мужчина быть -cond.cvb sickly быть -nr become -pf.ptc dist -adv earth top -prol -poss.3sg dist -adv идти -lim -pf.ptc
And the man started to be weak and sickly, and thus he started trodding on the earth.
The creation of animals (2)
"Dʒeː tiemi biː tar naːr toːr, ịak-karịa, ọkaːt bụkaːtịn dʒọlọkaglịn mirkeweːtčeːttem", goːnče.
dʒe.Y tiemi biː tar naːr.Y toːr ịa -k =kErIE ọkaːt bukatïn.Y dʒọl -E-K(Ag) -(dU)LI -n(I) mirke -WEːČ -WEːČ -R(E) -m goːn -čE
ptl.Y therefore 1sg dist always.Y earth what -nom =contr river completely.Y stone -ep-coll -prol -poss.3sg crawl -gnr -gnr -nonfut -1sg -1sg say -pf.ptc
ptl.Y therefore 1sg dist всегда.Y earth что -nom =contr river completely.Y камень -ep-coll -prol -poss.3sg ползти -gnr -gnr -nonfut -1sg -1sg сказать -pf.ptc
"Therefore, I always crawl (on) earth, uhm, on the stony bottom of the river", it said.
- Поэтому, я в какой бы в воде не был, всегда по земле, по камням ползаю под водой.