Lexical glosses for Even (English)

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An Even farce (2)
Iː-kene dʒulle, sorowno biː, uŋ, bišem aːwaj, induk-te-titte bišem.
hiː=kEnE dʒulle vse_rovno.R biː uŋ bi-R(E)-m haːwaj hin-DUk(U)=dE=tIttE bi-R(E)-m
2SG=CONTR earlier all:the:same.R 1SG HESIT be-NONFUT-1SG expert 2SG.OBL-ABL=DP=DP be-NONFUT-1SG
2ЕД=CONTR earlier all:the:same.R 1ЕД HESIT быть-NONFUT-1ЕД expert 2ЕД.ОБЛ-АБЛ=DP=DP быть-NONFUT-1ЕД
You go first-I am an expert anyway, even better than you.
Ты давай вперед, всё равно я, что, я мастер лучше тебя даже.
Spirits (3)
Dʒulle ewedi-le gerbetnen-de ịak-karịa biče bidʒin.
dʒulle ewedi=l(E) gerbe-tEn=dE ịak=kErIE bi-čE bi-DʒI-N(I)
earlier Even=INTENS name-POSS.3PL=DP what=CONTR be-PF.PTC be-FUT-3SG
earlier Even=INTENS name-ПОСС.3МН=DP что=CONTR быть-ПРФ.ПРИЧ быть-ФУТ-3ЕД
Long time ago, there were proper Even names, I guess.
Раньше эвенские имена бывали, кажется.
The raven and the crow (1)
Oteːl bejil ukčeːnetčeten, tụraːkị ńaːn mangịr ńimeːrel bičel.
oːtel bej-E-L ukčeːn-E-Č-čE-tEn tụrakị ńaːn mangịr ńimeːr-E-L bi-čE-L
earlier man-0-PL tell-0-RES-PF.PTC-POSS.3PL crow also raven neighbour-0-PL be-PF.PTC-PL
earlier мужчина-0-МН говорить-0-RES-ПРФ.ПРИЧ-ПОСС.3МН crow тоже raven neighbour-0-МН быть-ПРФ.ПРИЧ-МН
A long time ago, there is a story that crow and raven used to be neighbours.
В старину люди рассказывали, что ворона и ворон были соседями.
A conversation about Even culture (1)
Dʒụgọnị gerben-e, [...] ọːrịdʒị dʒụgọnị, neŋńeni bihni, это раннее, это весна-ịː.
dʒụganị gerbe -n(I) =E ọː -RIdʒI dʒụganị negńeni bi -R(E) -n(I) eto.R rannee.R eto.R vesna.R=I
summer name -3sg =ints become -ant.cvb summer late.spring be -nonfut -3sg this.R earlier.R this.R spring.R=ints
лето name -3sg =ints become -ant.cvb лето late.spring быть -nonfut -3sg этот.R earlier.R этот.R spring.R=ints
'Dʒụganị' (summer), when [...] comes, summer, then there is 'neŋńeni' (late spring), that's before that, that's spring.
"Дюгани", это лето, и нэгнэни есть, это раннее, это весна.
Cannibal story (1)
Tar oːtel čukčel bïlïrgï bụkụ-ụtịn oːtel ili-kke emgerečel uhu bụkatịn targịč tar meːn toːroŋdukuwur.
tar oːtel čukče -L bïlïrgï.Y bukatïn.Y -OO oːtel ir -(dU)LI =kkE em -Gr(E) -čE -L ühü.Y bukatïn.Y tar -GIČ tar meːn toːr -E-ŋ -DUk(U) -WUr
dist earlier Chukchi long.ago.Y completely.Y -ints long.ago which -prol =emph come -hab -pf.ptc -pl evid.Y completely.Y dist -elat dist self land -ep-aln -abl -prfl.pl
dist earlier Chukchi длинный.ago.Y completely.Y -ints длинный.ago который -prol =emph прийти -hab -pf.ptc -pl evid.Y completely.Y dist -elat dist сам земля -ep-aln -abl -prfl.pl
Long, long time ago, the Chukchi used to come here from somewhere (lit: along which ways [who knows]), from their country.
Это было раньше, давным, давно. Из далека, из другой земли приходилит чукчи.
Stories of God and the Devil (1)
Tiːtel oːtel toːr elekese ọːdʒịddakan, ịak-kana, hewki beju ọːdaːjị goːnikeːn, ọːrịdʒị dʒajụtnịkaːn dʒawụčannan.
tiːtel oːtel toːr elekes ọː -D -REk -E-n(I) ịa -k =kEnE hewki bej -W ọː -DEː -J goːn -nIkEːn ọː -RIdʒI dʒaj -E-Č -nIkEːn dʒaw -E-Č -E-nnE -n(I)
long.ago earlier earth as.soon.as become -prog -cond.cvb -ep-poss.3sg what -nom =contr god man -acc do -purp.cvb -prfl.sg say -sim.cvb do -ant.cvb hide -ep-res -sim.cvb grasp -ep-res -ep-nec.ptc -poss.3sg
длинный.ago earlier earth as.soon.as become -prog -cond.cvb -ep-poss.3sg что -nom =contr бог мужчина -acc делать -purp.cvb -prfl.sg сказать -sim.cvb делать -ant.cvb прятать -ep-res -sim.cvb схватить -ep-res -ep-nec.ptc -poss.3sg
Long time ago, when the earth was just being created, God decided to create the man, and when he did it, he had to keep him in hiding.