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A conversation about Even culture (1)
Gọrụ [...] orbečin kọːlantakan, ikeːnteken dʒulle etikeːl ukčeːnniwutnen.
gọr -W er -WEːčIn kọːl -nTEKEn ikeː -nTEKEn dʒul -(dU)LE etikeːn -L ukčeːn -RI -W -tEn
distance -acc prox -qual drink -mult.cvb sing -mult.cvb front.side -loc old.man -pl tell -impf.ptc -acc -distr
distance -acc prox -qual drink -mult.cvb sing -mult.cvb перед.сторона -loc старый.мужчина -pl говорить -impf.ptc -acc -distr
Far away [...] such, he used to drink and sing what old people had narrated long ago.
Далеко, он так пил и пел это, что раньше рассказивали старики.
Cannibal story (1)
Tarịč, tačịn erek bej dʒepče, ịak, kọːldịn ečin dʒiŋ [dʒụː] ịawrača-kana, mọːdargawrača.
tar -E-Č tar -čIn er -k bej dʒeb -čE ịa -k kọːl -RI -n(I) er -čIn dʒiŋ.Y dʒụː ịa -Gr(E) -čE =kEnE mọːdarga -Gr(E) -čE
dist -ep-ins dist -adv prox -nom man eat -pf.ptc what -nom drink -pst -poss.3sg prox -adv truth.Y house what -hab -pf.ptc =contr unlock -hab -pf.ptc
dist -ep-ins dist -adv prox -nom мужчина есть -pf.ptc что -nom drink -pst -poss.3sg prox -adv правда.Y дом что -hab -pf.ptc =contr unlock -hab -pf.ptc
Then..., this man thus ate, uhm, and drank, and then he, uhm, went out [lit: removed the closing bar from the entrance of the tent].
Bear story (1)
Kọːlamallakan, dʒebemelleken abaga hanŋajị dalụkaːŋnača, goːn.
kọːl -E-m -E-L -REk -E-n(I) dʒeb -E-m -E-L -REk -E-n(I) abaga hanŋa -J dal -WkEːn -Gr(E) -čE goːn
drink -ep-des -ep-inch -cond.cvb -ep-poss.3sg eat -ep-des -ep-inch -cond.cvb -ep-poss.3sg grandfather palm.of.hand -prfl.sg lick -caus -hab -pf.ptc say
drink -ep-des -ep-inch -cond.cvb -ep-poss.3sg есть -ep-des -ep-inch -cond.cvb -ep-poss.3sg дед palm.of.рука -prfl.sg lick -caus -hab -pf.ptc сказать
When she got thirsty or hungry, the bear would let her lick his paw, they say.
Когда ей хотелось пить или есть, медведь давал ей свою лапу.