Lexical glosses for Even (English)

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Chat about an Evenki film (4)
Ịak helbettiten iː, helbettin ńaːn ńụːčqaːja.
ịa helbe -Č -RI -tEn iː helbe -Č -RI -n(I) ńaːn ńụːčị -kEːjE
what drag -res -pst -poss.3pl ptl drag -res -pst -poss.3sg also Russian -aug
что drag -res -pst -poss.3pl ptl drag -res -pst -poss.3sg тоже русский -aug
How they dragged it around (the camera), that Russian guy dragged it.
Разве этот русский таскал с собой камеру,
Even ghost stories (1)
Ahịw ečil hotungerere?
asị -W e -čE -L hotu -n -Gr(E) -R(E)
woman -acc neg -pf.ptc -pl drag -mult -hab -neg.cvb
женщина -acc neg -pf.ptc -pl drag -mult -hab -neg.cvb
They didn't kidnap women?
Женщин не воровали?
Cannibal story (2)
Tarịt tar teturidʒi ńoːwče-de, ịrahanča.
tar -E-Č tar tet -U -RIdʒI ńoː -W -čE =dE ịr -E-s(E)n -čE
dist -ep-ins dist wear -tr -ant.cvb go.out -advrs -pf.ptc =ptl drag -ep-lim -pf.ptc
dist -ep-ins dist носить -tr -ant.cvb идти.из -advrs -pf.ptc =ptl drag -ep-lim -pf.ptc
So he tied her up, and he took her out, he started to drag her.
Накинул на старуху. Поволок.