Lexical glosses for Even (English)

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A conversation about Even culture (1)
[tie] Tiemi er huː huː kụŋaːhna-ge uže tagdụ-da enikeːn barịr.
* tiemi er huː huː kụŋaː -sEn =gE uže.R tọg -DU =dE e -nIkEːn bọrị -R(E)
* therefore prox 2pl 2pl child -poss.2pl =ptl already.R fire -dat =ptl neg -sim.cvb distribute -neg.cvb
* therefore prox 2pl 2pl ребенок -poss.2pl =ptl уже.R огонь -dat =ptl neg -sim.cvb distribute -neg.cvb
It is for this reason that your children don't make offerrings to the fire.
Поэтому ваши дети уже не кормлят огонь.
Pear story (5) (1)
Taraw grụːšaw gadịdʒụr kụŋaːl họːqanịtan, bọrịtmattịtan, gịrqasnitan čaːskị.
tar -W gruša.R -W ga -RIdʒI -L kụŋaː -L họːka -n -RI -tEn bọrị -Č -mEČ -RI -tEn gịrka -s(E)n -RI -tEn čaːg -skI
dist -acc pear.R -acc take -ant.cvb -pl child -pl be.glad -mult -pst -poss.3pl distribute -res -rec -pst -poss.3pl walk -lim -pst -poss.3pl next -all.adv
dist -acc pear.R -acc взять -ant.cvb -pl ребенок -pl быть.glad -mult -pst -poss.3pl distribute -res -rec -pst -poss.3pl идти -lim -pst -poss.3pl next -весь.adv
When they got these pears, the children were happy, they shared them and went on.