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Tompo in Soviet times (1)
Minu emie omem anŋanịw tala nulgeritnen, ọrọjọn nulgečelen, arọjsavet egin dʒeputatan bigrerem tarakam.
min -W emie.Y omen -W anŋan -W tar -(dU)LE nulge -RI -tEn rajon.R nulge -čE -(dU)LE -n(I) rajsovet.R egin.Y deputat.R -E-n(I) bi -Gr(E) -R(E) -m tarakam
1sg.obl -acc again.Y one -acc year -acc dist -loc nomadise -pst -poss.3pl district.R nomadise -pf.ptc -loc -poss.3sg district.council.R ptl.Y delegate.R -ep-poss.3sg be -hab -nonfut -1sg then
1sg.obl -acc снова.Y один -acc год -acc dist -loc nomadise -pst -poss.3pl district.R nomadise -pf.ptc -loc -poss.3sg district.council.R ptl.Y delegate.R -ep-poss.3sg быть -hab -nonfut -1sg тогда
They also moved me there for one year, when the District moved, I was a deputy of the District council then.
Я тоже один год работал там, когда район переехал, был депутатом райсовета (районного Совета). // Меня тоже на один год туда переправили, я в то время был депутатом райсовета.
Biblical stories (1)
Omen, əə, biriːnčiken họːjat bọlla họlọbụr ele muttule dʒịpụtaːtal ele emne, "ereŋet-te ọːpča, taraŋat-ta ọːpta" goːnikeːn neŋetidʒeːjne esten.
omen əə biriːnčik.Y -E-n(I) họːja -Č buolla.Y kholobur.Y er -(dU)LE mut -(dU)LE deputat.R -E-L er -(dU)LE em -R(E) er -E-ŋ -E-t(I) =dE ọː -B -čE tar -E-ŋ -E-t(I) =dE ọː -B -R(E) goːn -nIkEːn neŋ -E-Č -E-dʒEːn -R(E) e -R(E) -tEn
one hesit choosy.Y -ep-poss.3sg much -ins ptl.Y for.example.Y prox -loc 1pl.in -loc delegate.R -ep-pl prox -loc come -nonfut(3pl) prox -ep-aln -ep-poss.1pl.in =ptl do -med -pf.ptc dist -ep-aln -ep-poss.1pl.in =ptl do -med -nonfut say -sim.cvb pray -ep-res -ep-dur -nonfut(3pl) neg -nonfut -poss.3pl
один hesit choosy.Y -ep-poss.3sg много -ins ptl.Y for.example.Y prox -loc 1pl.в -loc delegate.R -ep-pl prox -loc прийти -nonfut(3pl) prox -ep-aln -ep-poss.1pl.в =ptl делать -med -pf.ptc dist -ep-aln -ep-poss.1pl.в =ptl делать -med -nonfut сказать -sim.cvb pray -ep-res -ep-dur -nonfut(3pl) neg -nonfut -poss.3pl
One, erm, they were quite picky: similar to the situations when our delegates come here to us, so they used to tell him (sc. god) that this and that had happened and would request things from him.
Люди к нему приходили и просили его.Как мы, когда приезжает депутат, начинаем просить: