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Biblical stories (1)
Ọːn eten er Satana bejdʒi ọsịdʒaːkan urekčeːm ọjčịmị, iniŋeten ịaŋatan tiketnennen.
ọːn e -DʒI -n(I) er Satana.R bej -DʒI ọsị -ČEk -E-n(I) urekčeːn -W ọjčị -mI in -E-ŋ -E-tEn ịa -ŋ -E-tEn tik -E-Č -nE -n -R(E) -n(I)
how neg -fut -3sg prox Satan.R self -inst.prfl.sg scratch -res.ptc -ep-poss.3sg mountain -acc climb -cond.cvb cargo -ep-aln -ep-poss.3pl what -aln -ep-poss.3pl fall -ep-res -mult -mult -nonfut -3sg
как neg -fut -3sg prox Satan.R сам -inst.prfl.sg scratch -res.ptc -ep-poss.3sg гора -acc climb -cond.cvb cargo -ep-aln -ep-poss.3pl что -aln -ep-poss.3pl fall -ep-res -mult -mult -nonfut -3sg
So, while they were climbing the mountains that were scratched (from ground) by Satan himself, their cargo and other stuff would roll down.
Ведь горы придумал Сатана. Люди на него на них взбирались роняли вниз, что-нибудь и ругались: