Lexical glosses for Even (English)

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A conversation about Even culture (2)
Hoːnte bejil [dịa] baldajdaktara-dịː, ịak, sistieme-de-mi hoːnte.
hoːnte bej -E-L balda -j.Y -TEkh.Y -LEr.Y =dIː.Y ịa -k sistema.R =dE =mI hoːnte
other man -ep-pl be.born -conn.Y -assert.Y -pl.Y =emph.Y what -nom system.R =ptl =ptl other
другой мужчина -ep-pl быть.рожденный -conn.Y -assert.Y -pl.Y =emph.Y что -nom system.R =ptl =ptl другой
Different people have been born, the system is different.
Другие люди родились, и система другая.
Bear story (1)
Akmị biː bakaldarịwụ, ammụ omettu baldadaŋan [...], ewen.
akan -J biː bak -E-ldE -RI -W aman -W omettu balda -DEŋ -E-n(I) ewen
uncle -prfl.sg 1sg find -ep-soc -pst -poss.1sg father -poss.1sg together be.born -pst.ptc -ep-poss.3sg Even
uncle -prfl.sg 1sg найти -ep-soc -pst -poss.1sg отец -poss.1sg together быть.рожденный -pst.ptc -ep-poss.3sg Even
I met my father's older brother, he was born together with my father (sc. he is not his cousin, but brother), an Even.
Встретил родного брата моего отца, эвена.