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Even taboos and customs (1)
Tarakam tar omen bej, bej dʒawrịdʒị Borew hepkenidʒi ịawaːtča-kana, ịawan-kana iːndʒilben čịkịča amọrda boːdellen.
tarakam tar omen bej bej dʒaw -RIdʒI Bore -W hepke -n -RIdʒI ịa -WEːČ -čE =kEnE ịa -W -E-n(I) =kEnE iːndʒi -L -W -E-n(I) čịkị -čE amar -dE boːdel -(dU)LE -n(I)
then dist one man man grasp -ant.cvb Bore -acc catch -mult -ant.cvb what -gnr -pf.ptc =contr what -acc -ep-poss.3sg =contr tendon -pl -acc -ep-poss.3sg cut.off -pf.ptc back.side -nr leg -loc -poss.3sg
тогда dist один мужчина мужчина схватить -ant.cvb Bore -acc catch -mult -ant.cvb что -gnr -pf.ptc =contr что -acc -ep-poss.3sg =contr tendon -pl -acc -ep-poss.3sg резать.off -pf.ptc назад.сторона -nr нога -loc -poss.3sg
Then, a man, man grasped him, he caught Bore and, what happened to him, thingo, he cut off the tendons on his hind legs.
Тогда один человек, поймал Борэв и стал рубить жилы задних ног.