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Biblical stories (1)
Tar emie, [kụ] kụlịčaːm ịaw kučukeːn ọːwkaːnča, huːwenče tar, kučukeːn ọːča.
tar emie.Y kụlị -KEːn -W ịa -W kočukeːn ọː -WkEːn -čE huː -E-n -čE tar kočukeːn ọː -čE
dist again.Y mosquito -dim -acc what -acc small become -caus -pf.ptc blow -ep-mult -pf.ptc dist small become -pf.ptc
dist снова.Y mosquito -dim -acc что -acc маленький become -caus -pf.ptc дуть -ep-mult -pf.ptc dist маленький become -pf.ptc
Thus, he made mosquitoes and others small, he blew at them and they became small.
И превратил комаров и всех насекомых в таких маленьких.
Black force and White force (2)
Tar dʒeː tarpač hakarịn mergen hịːraldịn, hịːraldịdʒị barọsta ŋeːlemeč hunŋeldin ŋeːlemeč, bụkaːtịn čọχ ọːdịn.
tar dʒeː.Y tarbač hakarịn mergen hịːr -E-L -RI -n(I) hịːr -E-L -RIdʒI prosto.R ŋeːlem -E-Č hunŋe -L -RI -n(I) ŋeːlem -E-Č bukatïn.Y čokh.Y ọː -RI -n(I)
dist ptl.Y ptl black force rage -ep-inch -pst -poss.3sg rage -ep-inch -ant.cvb simply.R terrible -ep-ins blow.snow.storm -inch -pst -poss.3sg terrible -ep-ins completely.Y coal.Y become -pst -poss.3sg
dist ptl.Y ptl черный force rage -ep-inch -pst -poss.3sg rage -ep-inch -ant.cvb ппросто.R terrible -ep-ins дуть.snow.storm -inch -pst -poss.3sg terrible -ep-ins completely.Y coal.Y become -pst -poss.3sg
Then the Black Force grew angry, he grew so angry that he started to storm terribly, he practically turned into coal.
Тогда рассердилась черная сила, запружила, превратилась в уголь.