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Biblical stories (1)
Haːn-a tar, kụlịčaːn ịan, humtečeːr ịan bih esten, magdʒịlịl, egdʒen bisiten.
haː -n(I) =E tar kụlị -KEːn ịa -n(I) humtečeːn -L ịa -n(I) bi -R(E) e -R(E) -tEn magdʒịlị -L egdʒen bi -RI -tEn
other -3sg =ints dist mosquito -dim what -poss.3sg blackfly -pl what -poss.3sg be -nonfut neg -nonfut -poss.3pl worm -pl big be -pst -poss.3pl
другой -3sg =ints dist mosquito -dim что -poss.3sg blackfly -pl что -poss.3sg быть -nonfut neg -nonfut -poss.3pl worm -pl большой быть -pst -poss.3pl
And also other (sc. bad things), there were mosquitoes, blackflies, worms, they were huge.
Он придумал насекомых, комаров, мошек, оводов, большие были.