Lexical glosses for Even (English)

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A conversation about Even culture (1)
Muttule-de tala, [ba] baldadaŋụ toːrre, bütünni tiːkerep, ịan, gerben bokočin ńọkadị.
mut -(dU)LE =dE tar -(dU)LE balda -DEŋ -W toːr -(dU)LE büttüːn.Y -n(I) tiek -E-rEp ịa -n(I) gerbe -n(I) bekeč -E-n(I) ńọka -DI
1pl.in -loc =ptl dist -loc give.birth -pst.ptc -poss.1sg land -loc all.Y -poss.3sg now -ep-temp.nr what -poss.3sg name -poss.3sg all -ep-poss.3sg Yakut -adjr
1pl.в -loc =ptl dist -loc дать.birth -pst.ptc -poss.1sg земля -loc весь.Y -poss.3sg сейчас -ep-temp.nr что -poss.3sg name -poss.3sg весь -ep-poss.3sg Yakut -adjr
In our region, too, in the place where i was born, everthing nowadays, erm, has a Yakut name.
У нас тоже, где я родилась, сейчас носит только якутское название.