Lexical glosses for Even (English)

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An Even farce (2)
Biː olloːčiddem tar diːwukegli, kojeːnni, tar diːwukegemkerduli, ụːldakačịddam.
biː hol-WEːČ-E-D-R(E)-m tar diːwukeg-(dU)LI kojeː-nrI tar diːwukeg-E-mkEr-(dU)LI hụːlda-kEČ-E-D-R(E)-m
1SG go-GNR-0-PROG-NONFUT-1SG DIST birch:grove-PROL look-2SG DIST birch:grove-0-AUG-PROL ski-MULT-0-PROG-NEG.CVB-1SG
1ЕД идти-GNR-0-PROG-NONFUT-1ЕД DIST birch:grove-ПРОЛ смотреть-2ЕД DIST birch:grove-0-AUG-ПРОЛ ski-MULT-0-PROG-НЕГ.КОНВ-1ЕД
I went through the birch grove, you see, through the big birch grove over there, I am going on skis.
Я ходила по березнику, видишь, вон по большому березнику, на лыжах хожу.