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The sacred reindeer (5)
Tadụk bọllaːna amarla erek họnŋačajakan uže ịawkan ọːdnị bọlla.
tar-DUk(U) buollagïna.Y amar-(dU)lE er-E-k họnŋačan-jEkEn uže.R ịawkan ọː-R(E)-N(I) buolla.Y
DIST-ABL DP.Y back:side-LOC PROX-0-NOM baby:reindeer-DIM already.R two:year:reindeer become-NONFUT-3SG DP.Y
DIST-АБЛ DP.Y back:side-ЛОК PROX-0-NOM baby:reindeer-ДИМ уже.R two:year:reindeer become-NONFUT-3ЕД DP.Y
Then, this little reindeer later became a grown-up reindeer (a two-year reindeer).
С годами этот олененок подрос (стал двухлетним).