Lexical glosses for Even (English)

This list of lexical glosses found in the Even transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

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Cannibal story (1)
Delbi ihetneče ečin haraːh-de medden bọlla.
delbi.Y isetne -čE er -čIn saraːs.Y =dE med -R(E) -n(I) buolla.Y
strongly.Y be.nauseous -pf.ptc prox -adv at.once.Y =ptl understand -nonfut -3sg ptl.Y
strongly.Y быть.nauseous -pf.ptc prox -adv у.однажды.Y =ptl understand -nonfut -3sg ptl.Y
He got very sick, he immediately realised (everything).
Он стал рыгать, все обратно вырвал.
Chat about an Evenki film (1)
Ịlanmịar tụnŋam-da anŋanụ bisidʒi eten emre, un-ut-te.
ịlan mịan -L tụnŋan -W =dE anŋan -W bi -RIdʒI e -DʒI -n(I) em -R(E) un =WUt =dE
three ten -pl five -acc =ptl year -acc be -ant.cvb ptl -fut -poss.3sg come -neg.cvb at.that.time =indef =ptl
три десять -pl five -acc =ptl год -acc быть -ant.cvb ptl -fut -poss.3sg прийти -neg.cvb у.тот.время =indef =ptl
It won't arrive sooner than after thirty five years, roughly at that time.
Даже через 35 лет она не придёт.
A conversation about Even culture (1)
Targịdalị, mut-te erkele bihin-e, əə, nasl'ịːgat ewgile, Adịčali iː.
tar -gIdE -(dU)LI mut =dE erkele bi -RI -n(I) =E əə nasleg.R -E-t(I) er -gI -(dU)LE Adịča -(dU)LI iː
dist -nr -prol 1pl.in =ptl at.time be -pst -3sg =ints hesit community.R -ep-poss.1pl.in prox -nr -loc Adyča -prol ptl
dist -nr -prol 1pl.в =ptl у.время быть -pst -3sg =ints hesit community.R -ep-poss.1pl.в prox -nr -loc Adyča -prol ptl
There, our community at that time was here, along the Adycha River.
Там раньше был наш наслег, на реке Адыча.
Even taboos and customs (1)
Ebeter ečin dọlbị tinitčin, ebeter iːweldečeːm dʒọldụdʒịn, horčew tar, horennew [...] ịadʒịlnịkaːn.
ebeter.Y er -čIn dọlba tini -Č -DʒI -n(I) ebeter.Y iːwelde -KEːn -W dʒọlda -DʒI -n(I) hor -čE -W tar hor -E-nnE -W ịa -D -E-L -nIkEːn
or.Y prox -adv at.night strangle -res -fut -3sg or.Y stick -dim -acc fling.stone -fut -3sg go.away -pf.ptc -acc dist go.away -ep-nec.ptc -acc what -prog -ep-inch -sim.cvb
or.Y prox -adv у.ночь strangle -res -fut -3sg or.Y больной -dim -acc fling.камень -fut -3sg идти.прочь -pf.ptc -acc dist идти.прочь -ep-nec.ptc -acc что -prog -ep-inch -sim.cvb
Or he strangles (people) in the night, or else he'll throw splinters at them, and he starts to do that to those who leave, who are about to leave [...].
Или же ночью, он давит, или же кинет щепкой, который скоро уйдет.