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Spirits (1)
Biː taraw amarla abagadụkụjị ulgimirem, biː:
biː tar-W amar-(dU)LE abaga-DUk(U)-J ulgimi-R(E)-m biː
1SG DIST-ACC back:side-LOC grandfather-ABL-POSS.REFL.SG ask-NONFUT-1SG 1SG
1ЕД DIST-АКК back:side-ЛОК дед-АБЛ-ПОСС.РЕФЛ.ЕД спросить-NONFUT-1ЕД 1ЕД
I later asked my grandfather:
Я-то потом у дедушки спросила:
The sacred reindeer (2)
Dʒe erek [ahịŋan goːn] etikeŋen goːnče, ulgimiče ńarịŋan:
dʒe.Y er-E-k asị-ŋ-E-N(I) goːn etiken-ŋ-E-N(I) goːn-čE ulgimi-čE ńarị-ŋ-E-N(I)
DP.Y PROX-0-NOM wife-AL-0-POSS.3SG say old:man-AL-0-POSS.3SG say-PF.PTC ask-PF.PTC man-AL-0-POSS.3SG
DP.Y PROX-0-NOM жена-AL-0-ПОСС.3ЕД сказать старик-AL-0-ПОСС.3ЕД сказать-ПРФ.ПРИЧ спросить-ПРФ.ПРИЧ мужчина-AL-0-ПОСС.3ЕД
And that [woman said], that man of hers said, her husband asked her:
И вот муж говорит, спрашивает:
The creation of animals (2)
"Erek ụŋdụk ulgimimi naːda."
er -k ụŋ -DUk(U) ulgimi -mI nado.R
prox -nom indef -abl ask -cond.cvb need.R
prox -nom indef -abl спросить -cond.cvb нужно.R
"This question needs to be asked (from someone). = I have to ask somebody about this."
- Это спросить надо.
A conversation about Even culture (13)
Ulgimimi turkuwrere [...].
ulgimi -mI turku -Gr(E) -R(E)
ask -cond.cvb not.be.able -hab -nonfut(3pl)
спросить -cond.cvb не.быть.able -hab -nonfut(3pl)
When I aske, they can't [...]
когда я спрашиваю они не знают.
Even taboos and customs (1)
Ele-de tačịnnị. Eču-de ulgimir.
er -(dU)LE =dE tar -čIn -n(I) e -čE -W =dE ulgimi -R(E)
prox -loc =ptl dist -adv -poss.3sg neg -pf.ptc -poss.1sg =ptl ask -neg.cvb
prox -loc =ptl dist -adv -poss.3sg neg -pf.ptc -poss.1sg =ptl спросить -neg.cvb
Here it is similar. I never asked.
Тут тоже наверное так же. Я не спрашивала.
Pear story (5) (2)
Ńaːn eč ulgimir, taraq tačịn-da čaqaddan.
ńaːn e -čE ulgimi -R(E) tar -k tar -čIn =dE čak -E-D -R(E) -n(I)
also neg -pf.ptc ask -neg.cvb dist -nom dist -adv =ptl gather -ep-prog -nonfut -3sg
тоже neg -pf.ptc спросить -neg.cvb dist -nom dist -adv =ptl собиратть -ep-prog -nonfut -3sg
And he didn't ask, and that (man) collected still them.
Cannibal story (2)
Erek ulgimiče: "Ile ŋendin etikeːn?", goːnče.
er -E-k ulgimi -čE ir -(dU)LE ŋen -RI -n(I) etikeːn goːn -čE
prox -ep-nom ask -pf.ptc which -loc go -pst -poss.3sg old.man say -pf.ptc
prox -ep-nom спросить -pf.ptc который -loc идти -pst -poss.3sg старый.мужчина сказать -pf.ptc
He asked her: "Where has the old man gone?"
Он спросил: - А старик где?
Tompo in Soviet times (1)
Tarak bọlla badʒịkarọp ulgimirildu ọːndụ pedložeńe, əə, goːndeken:
tar -k buolla.Y badʒịkar -rEp ulgimi -RI -L -DU ọː -n -DU predloženie.R' əə goːn -REk -E-n(I)
dist -nom ptl.Y morning -temp.nr ask -impf.ptc -pl -dat do -anr -dat proposal.R hesit say -cond.cvb -ep-poss.3sg
dist -nom ptl.Y утро -temp.nr спросить -impf.ptc -pl -dat делать -anr -dat proposal.R hesit сказать -cond.cvb -ep-poss.3sg
He said to the people who asked him in the morning about his suggestion about the (place for) building:
Утром спросили где и как и какое-либо предложение. Тогда утром спросили:
Stories of God and the Devil (1)
Erek bimi akatmar [heːje] arịwkị emnidʒi erew, ŋịndụkụ ulgimigreče: "Tala er biː nuːwu ịawụ dʒajụttan? Ičukeːli!", goːnikeːn, ịagrača, hịlgadʒaːngarača, ulgimidʒeːngereče.
er -k bi -mI akan -dmEr arịwkị em -RIdʒI er -W ŋịn -DUk(U) ulgimi -Gr(E) -čE tar -(dU)LE er biː noː -W ịa -W dʒaj -U -Č -R(E) -n(I) it -WkEːn -LI goːn -nIkEːn ịa -Gr(E) -čE hịlga -dʒEːn -Gr(E) -čE ulgimi -dʒEːn -Gr(E) -čE
prox -nom be -cond.cvb older.brother -emph evil.spirit come -ant.cvb prox -acc dog -abl ask -hab -pf.ptc dist -loc prox 1sg younger.silbing -poss.1sg what -acc hide -tr -res -nonfut -3sg see -caus -imp.2sg say -sim.cvb what -hab -pf.ptc drill -dur -hab -pf.ptc ask -dur -hab -pf.ptc
prox -nom быть -cond.cvb older.брат -emph evil.spirit прийти -ant.cvb prox -acc собака -abl спросить -hab -pf.ptc dist -loc prox 1sg younger.silbing -poss.1sg что -acc прятать -tr -res -nonfut -3sg видеть -caus -imp.2sg сказать -sim.cvb что -hab -pf.ptc drill -dur -hab -pf.ptc спросить -dur -hab -pf.ptc
His elder brother, the devil, came and asked the dog: "What is that brother of mine hiding there? Show it to me!", and he, er, pressed for an answer, interrogated him.
The sacred reindeer (2)
Dʒe erek [ahịŋan goːn] etikeːŋen goːnče, ulgimiče ńarịŋan:
dʒe.Y er -E-k asị -ŋ -E-n(I) goːn etikeːn -ŋ -E-n(I) goːn -čE ulgimi -čE ńarị -ŋ -E-n(I)
ptl.Y prox -ep-nom wife -aln -ep-poss.3sg say - old.man -aln -ep-poss.3sg say -pf.ptc ask -pf.ptc man -aln -ep-poss.3sg
ptl.Y prox -ep-nom жена -aln -ep-poss.3sg сказать - старый.мужчина -aln -ep-poss.3sg сказать -pf.ptc спросить -pf.ptc мужчина -aln -ep-poss.3sg
And that [woman said], that man of hers said, her husband asked her:
И вот муж говорит, спрашивает: