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A conversation about Even culture (8)
Vapče, beketlen nel-de nel, nel-de nel goːŋner..
voobšče.R bekeč -(dU)LE -n(I) nel =dE nel nel =dE nel goːn -Gr(E) -R(E)
in.general.R all -loc -poss.3sg bib.apron =ptl bib.apron bib.apron =ptl bib.apron say -hab -nonfut(3pl)
в.general.R весь -loc -poss.3sg bib.apron =ptl bib.apron bib.apron =ptl bib.apron сказать -hab -nonfut(3pl)
In general, everybody just says 'nel', only 'nel'.
Вообще, везде (нэл-дэ, нэл).
Pear story (5) (1)
Grụːšaw čaqaddịn, ńaːn, haːrtụqị miltereːmkeːnidʒi ewrin ńaːn karzịːnala neːdni.
gruša.R -W čak -E-D -RI -n(I) ńaːn fartuk.R -J miltereːn -WkEːn -RIdʒI ew -RI -n(I) ńaːn korzina.R -(dU)LE neː -R(E) -n(I)
pear.R -acc gather -ep-prog -pst -poss.3sg also apron.R -prfl.sg get.full -caus -ant.cvb go.down -pst -poss.3sg also basket -loc put -nonfut -3sg
pear.R -acc собиратть -ep-prog -pst -poss.3sg тоже apron.R -prfl.sg получить.full -caus -ant.cvb идти.down -pst -poss.3sg тоже basket -loc положить -nonfut -3sg
He collected pears, and, after he had filled his apron, he went down and put them into a basket.