Lexical glosses for Even (English)

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A conversation about Even culture (4)
All the same.
Все равно.
Spirits (1)
Ọttọn adịkụn ọralkan bej buollaːna himbir.
otton.Y adị-kUN ọran-lkEn bej buollaγïna sinbiːr.Y
ADVRS.DP.Y how:much-ADJ reindeer-PROPR man DP.Y anyway.Y
ADVRS.DP.Y сколько-ПРИЛ олень-ПРОПР мужчина DP.Y anyway.Y
And when a man with only a few reindeer (dies)-it's all the same.
А когда человек, у которого только несколько оленей (умрет), все ровно.
Cannibal story (5)
Toːr-de eten ittilkeːn, himbir ečin-gel mergelkeːn bọlla.
toːr =dE e -DʒI -n(I) it -RI -lkEːn sin biːr.Y er -čIn =gEl merge -lkEːn buolla.Y
earth =ptl neg -fut -3sg see -impf.ptc -prop anyway.Y prox -adv =ptl soul -prop ptl.Y
earth =ptl neg -fut -3sg видеть -impf.ptc -prop anyway.Y prox -adv =ptl soul -prop ptl.Y
The earth can see, right, it has a soul.
У природы есть своя душа, она все видит.
Biblical stories (1)
Tar Satana bimi himbir tar, ịak-kana, ọːčatča, keːńeli bimi keːńeli.
tar Satana.R bi -mI sin_biːr.Y tar ịa -k =kEnE ọː -Č -E-D -čE keːńeli bi -mI keːńeli
dist Satan.R be -cond.cvb anyway.Y dist what -nom =contr do -res -ep-prog -pf.ptc bad be -cond.cvb bad
dist Satan.R быть -cond.cvb anyway.Y dist что -nom =contr делать -res -ep-prog -pf.ptc плохой быть -cond.cvb плохой
And Satan kept on doing bad things all the same.
Сатана все равно делал плохое.
Even ghost stories (1)
Tarak, ịadaːjị, araj arịttị goːnni, tar, [kokeː] ee, ečel ịmaːwrọ bejil dụːhatnan himbir talị biweːtten.
tar -k ịa -DEː -J araj.Y arịč -RI goːn -n(I) tar kokeː ee e -čE -L ịmaː -W -R(E) bej -E-L duša.R -tEn sin_biːr.Y tar -(dU)LI bi -WEːČ -R(E) -n(I)
dist -nom what -purp.cvb -prfl.sg ptl.Y spook -impf.ptc say -3sg dist die intj neg -pf.ptc -pl bury -advrs -neg.cvb man -ep-pl soul.R -poss.3pl anyway.Y dist -prol be -gnr -nonfut -3sg
dist -nom что -purp.cvb -prfl.sg ptl.Y spook -impf.ptc сказать -3sg dist умереть intj neg -pf.ptc -pl bury -advrs -neg.cvb мужчина -ep-pl soul.R -poss.3pl anyway.Y dist -prol быть -gnr -nonfut -3sg
They are claimed to, erm, spook, the souls of people who had not been buried move around there.
Говорят приведение. Это души тех людей, которых не похоронили, там бродят.