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Cannibal story (1)
Urukčerduli ečin, nọŋartan ečin-gel, toːrren haːlal-ka tar bičel bihin bïlïrgïdụ bụọlla tar ečin, ịat-kana emgerečel, bụkatịn, urumkuń ịat-kana [họt etk] họtarań emgerečel.
urekčen -L -(dU)LI er -čIn nọŋartan er -čIn =gEl toːr -(dU)LE -n(I) haːlan -L =kkE tar bi -čE -L bi -RI -n(I) bïlïrgï.Y -DU buolla.Y tar er -čIn ịa -Č =kEnE em -Gr(E) -čE -L bukatïn.Y urumkun -Č ịa -Č =kEnE họtaran -Č em -Gr(E) -čE -L
mountain -pl -prol prox -adv 3pl prox -adv =ptl land -loc -poss.3sg knowing -pl =emph dist be -pf.ptc -pl be -pst -poss.3sg antiquity.Y ptl.Y dist prox -adv what -ins =contr come -hab -pf.ptc -pl completely.Y short -ins what -ins =contr road -ins come -hab -pf.ptc -pl
гора -pl -prol prox -adv 3pl prox -adv =ptl земля -loc -poss.3sg knowing -pl =emph dist быть -pf.ptc -pl быть -pst -poss.3sg antiquity.Y ptl.Y dist prox -adv что -ins =contr прийти -hab -pf.ptc -pl completely.Y short -ins что -ins =contr road -ins прийти -hab -pf.ptc -pl
Through the mountains, they seem to have known (their way) through the land in the ancient times, they used to come on, uhm, they used to come on the shortest ways.
Просто ходили по земле, по скалам. Они хорошо запоминали местность, ходили по короткой дороге.