Lexical glosses for Even (English)

This list of lexical glosses found in the Even transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

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The sacred reindeer (1)
Dʒe tarịč bụọllaːna omnekeːn hịːlalča, tuguni ọːmalčan, hịːlalča, ńarịkaːn, ịača-kana, bụwahkị gịrkahanča, mendeneče dʒuru, ịak-ta, bakụmču goːnikeːn.
dʒe.Y tar -Č buollaγïna.Y omen -RE -KEːn hịːl -E-L -čE tugeni ọː -mElčI -n(I) hịːl -E-L -čE ńarị -KEːn ịa -čE =kEnE bụg -E-skI gịrka -s(E)n -čE mend -E-nE -čE dʒur -W ịa -k =dE bak -E-mč(I) -W goːn -nIkEːn
ptl.Y dist -ins ptl.Y one -iter -dim suffer -ep-inch -pf.ptc winter become -accel -3sg suffer -ep-inch -pf.ptc man -dim what -pf.ptc =contr taiga -ep-all.adv walk -lim -pf.ptc search -ep-intent -pf.ptc luck -acc what -nom =ptl find -ep-sbjv -poss.1sg say -sim.cvb
ptl.Y dist -ins ptl.Y один -iter -dim suffer -ep-inch -pf.ptc winter become -accel -3sg suffer -ep-inch -pf.ptc мужчина -dim что -pf.ptc =contr taiga -ep-весь.adv идти -lim -pf.ptc искать -ep-intent -pf.ptc luck -acc что -nom =ptl найти -ep-sbjv -poss.1sg сказать -sim.cvb
Then, once, the winter was coming, and one man, suffering, went to the woods, he went to try his luck, because he thought that he might kill (an animal there).
Приближалась зима, один человек мучился, и решил он пойти в лес, поохотиться, чтобы было чем кормиться зимой.