Lexical glosses for Even (English)

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A conversation about Even culture (27)
Ńuːlendiduk hoːnte, ịnŋattụk hoːnte?
ńuːlende -DUk(U) hoːnte ịnŋat -DUk(U) hoːnte
chamois.leather -abl other fur -abl other
chamois.leather -abl другой мех -abl другой
A different (name if they are) from chamois, a different name (if) from fur?
Другое (называние) из замши, другое из шерсти?
Biblical stories (9)
Tar emie bejilduk tar, bejduk.
tar emie.Y bej -E-L -DUk(U) tar bej -DUk(U)
dist again.Y man -ep-pl -abl dist man -abl
dist снова.Y мужчина -ep-pl -abl dist мужчина -abl
And then, from people, from people.
Cannibal story (12)
Ee, bejduk, aha, bejduk hoːnte, aha.
ee bej -DUk(U) aha bej -DUk(U) hoːnte aha
intj man -abl aff.intj man -abl different ptl
intj мужчина -abl aff.intj мужчина -abl different ptl
Yeah, different from humans, from humans, yes.
Да, примерно так.
Tompo in Soviet times (19)
Tar kadaːrdụk tikče.
tar kadaːr -DUk(U) tik -čE
dist rock -abl fall -pf.ptc
dist камень -abl fall -pf.ptc
She fell from that rock,.
С этой скалы упала.
The creation of animals (4)
"Erek ụŋdụk ulgimimi naːda."
er -k ụŋ -DUk(U) ulgimi -mI nado.R
prox -nom indef -abl ask -cond.cvb need.R
prox -nom indef -abl спросить -cond.cvb нужно.R
"This question needs to be asked (from someone). = I have to ask somebody about this."
- Это спросить надо.
Black force and White force (1)
Dʒeː, tadụk hakarịkaːja hịːralča:
dʒeː.Y tar -DUk(U) hakarịn -kEːjE hịːr -E-L -čE
ptl.Y dist -abl black -aug rage -ep-inch -pf.ptc
ptl.Y dist -abl черный -aug rage -ep-inch -pf.ptc
Well, then the black one grew angry:
Тогда рассердилась черная сила:
The sacred reindeer (6)
Mịaldịdʒị elbemdukuji ńoːče.
mịal -RIdʒI elbem -DUk(U) -J ńoː -čE
awake -ant.cvb tent -abl -prfl.sg go.out -pf.ptc
awake -ant.cvb чум -abl -prfl.sg идти.из -pf.ptc
He woke up and went out of his tent.
Проснулся и вышел из дома.
Bear story (4)
"Samọlọttụk nuːkrisendʒem, etem", goːnni.
samolet.R -DUk(U) nuːkri -s(E)n -DʒI -m e -DʒI -m goːn -n(I)
airplane.R -abl slide.out -lim -fut -1sg neg -fut -1sg say -3sg
airplane.R -abl slide.из -lim -fut -1sg neg -fut -1sg сказать -3sg
"I'll be sucked out of the airplain!", he said.
Сказал: - Я ведь из самолета выкачусь!
Pear story (5) (3)
Kojeːttin, taŋrịn, ịlan bičedukun, ịlan bičedukun karzịːna, dʒoːr-teken karzịːna.
kojeː -Č -RI -n(I) taŋ -RI -n(I) ịlan ịlan bi -čE -DUk(U) -n(I) ịlan bi -čE -DUk(U) -n(I) korzina.R dʒoːr =t(E)kEn korzina.R
look -res -pst -poss.3sg read -pst -poss.3sg - three three be -pf.ptc -abl -poss.3sg three be -pf.ptc -abl -poss.3sg basket two =restr basket
смотреть -res -pst -poss.3sg read -pst -poss.3sg - три три быть -pf.ptc -abl -poss.3sg три быть -pf.ptc -abl -poss.3sg basket два =restr basket
He looked, counted - out of three, out of three baskets, only two baskets (left)
Chat about an Evenki film (9)
Tar haːńịn-nen tawụr tadụk hebgenni, tala
tar haːńịn =nEn tar -WUr tar -DUk(U) hebgen -n(I) tar -(dU)LE
dist smoke =ptl dist -prfl.pl dist -abl emit.smoke -3sg(nonfut) dist -loc
dist smoke =ptl dist -prfl.pl dist -abl emit.smoke -3sg(nonfut) dist -loc
And smoke was raising from there.
Из чума шёл дым.