Lexical glosses for Even (English)

This list of lexical glosses found in the Even transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

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Chat about an Evenki film (143)
Nọŋan-da ŋịnnan, ŋịnnan maːn.
nọŋan =dE ŋịn -W -E-n(I) ŋịn -W -E-n(I) maː -n(I)
3sg =ptl dog -acc -ep-poss.3sg dog -acc -ep-poss.3sg kill -3sg
3sg =ptl собака -acc -ep-poss.3sg собака -acc -ep-poss.3sg убить -3sg
He (sc. the wolf) killed his dog.
Он убил его собаку.
The sacred reindeer (42)
tọlkantụ -n(I)
dream -3sg
dream -3sg
He was dreaming.
Он грезил.
Cannibal story (118)
goːn -n(I)
say -3sg
сказать -3sg
One says so.
A conversation about Even culture (198)
Ịak mọːdan, goːnni.
ịa -k muoda.Y -n(I) goːn -n(I)
what -nom strange -poss.3sg say -3sg
что -nom strange -poss.3sg сказать -3sg
What a 'mọːda' (surprise), they say.
Что за "мода", говорят.
A short chat about family (6)
E, bütünni, goːnni, bütünni ịak-kana [...]
e bütün.Y -n(I) goːn -n(I) bütün.Y -n(I) ịa -k =kEnE
ptl all.Y -poss.3sg say -3sg all.Y -poss.3sg what -nom =contr
ptl весь.Y -poss.3sg сказать -3sg весь.Y -poss.3sg что -nom =contr
Yes, all of them (are relatives), all [...]
Pear story (5) (39)
Tarak [veːli] vilosipeːdelkeːn ńaːn hurkeːn kojeːttin, nọŋan aːwman nọŋandụn emurin.
tar -k velosiped.R -E-lkEːn ńaːn hurkeːn kojeː -Č -RI -n(I) nọŋan aːwan -W -E-n(I) nọŋan -DU -n(I) em -U -RI -n(I)
dist -nom bycicle.R -ep-prop also young.man look -res -pst -poss.3sg 3sg hat -acc -ep-poss.3sg 3sg -dat -poss.3sg come -tr -pst -poss.3sg
dist -nom bycicle.R -ep-prop тоже молодой.мужчина смотреть -res -pst -poss.3sg 3sg hat -acc -ep-poss.3sg 3sg -dat -poss.3sg прийти -tr -pst -poss.3sg
That boy with a bicycle then looked, he had brought him his hat.
Tompo in Soviet times (66)
"Erek teŋke butunni moː gatlan, tụkar, tụkar araːhnaj butunni dehčin ehni."
er -k teŋke büttüːn.Y -n(I) moː ga -tlE -n(I) tụkar tụkar araːhïnaj.Y büttüːn.Y -n(I) desči -n(I) e -R(E) -n(I)
prox -nom dense.forest all.Y -poss.3sg water take -nr -poss.3sg rubbish rubbish different.Y all.Y -poss.3sg lie -3sg neg -nonfut -3sg
prox -nom dense.лес весь.Y -poss.3sg вода взять -nr -poss.3sg мусор мусор different.Y весь.Y -poss.3sg лежать -3sg neg -nonfut -3sg
"That dense forest (on the river bank), flooded all the time, lies there (as you know) all (covered) with various rubbish."
«Вот лес выросший на берегу, заливаемой во время наводнений, посмотрите вся в соринках, в мусоре»./ «Этот лес затопляет водой, везде валяются сучья и разное».
Pear story (4) (15)
Ńaːn bejkeːje-dmer ewrin, [t] ịaŋan, ieken aːtča bisin, nọŋan.
ńaːn bej -kEːjE =dmEr ew -RI -n(I) ịa -ŋ -E-n(I) ieke -n(I) aːtča bi -RI -n(I) nọŋan
also man -aug =emph go.down -pst -poss.3sg what -aln -ep-poss.3sg cauldron -poss.3sg neg.ex be -pst -poss.3sg 3sg
тоже мужчина -aug =emph идти.down -pst -poss.3sg что -aln -ep-poss.3sg cauldron -poss.3sg neg.ex быть -pst -poss.3sg 3sg
And that man came down (from the tree), uhm, his cauldron was gone, that.
Человек тот спустился, посуды нет.
Even taboos and customs (44)
Ọːn goːnni [...]?
ọːn goːn -n(I)
how say -3sg
как сказать -3sg
What did he say [...]?
Bear story (59)
Er, Aldan dereːndulin bihni..
er Aldan dereːn -(dU)LI -n(I) bi -R(E) -n(I)
prox Aldan source -prol -poss.3sg be -nonfut -3sg
prox Aldan source -prol -poss.3sg быть -nonfut -3sg
It exists in the region of the Upper Aldan River.
На верховьях Алдана есть.