Lexical glosses for Even (English)

This list of lexical glosses found in the Even transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

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Bear story (22)
Nọŋartan biweːttitnen ele?
nọŋartan bi -WEːČ -RI -tEn er -(dU)LE
3pl be -gnr -pst -poss.3pl prox -loc
3pl быть -gnr -pst -poss.3pl prox -loc
Have they been here?
Они бывали тут?
A conversation about Even culture (116)
Tala bihe, bihe.
tar -(dU)LE bi -R(E) bi -R(E)
dist -loc be -nonfut(3pl) be -nonfut(3pl)
dist -loc быть -nonfut(3pl) быть -nonfut(3pl)
They do, they do.
Да живут, живут.
Biblical stories (30)
kusi -kEČ -R(E)
fight -mult -nonfut(3pl)
fight -mult -nonfut(3pl)
They got into fight.
Они подрались.
Cannibal story (46)
bulta.Y -nE -r =GU
hunt.Y -intent -3pl =q
охотиться.Y -intent -3pl =q
They probably went hunting.
The sacred reindeer (6)
Nọŋardụlatnan [nọŋar] gụlụntan ere bihni bọlla, ụọnna hoːntetnen ịatnan-da atča.
nọŋan -L -(dU)LE -tEn gụlụn -tEn ere.Y bi -R(E) -n(I) buolla.Y uonna.Y hoːnte -tEn ịa -tEn =dE aːtča
3sg -pl -loc -poss.3pl bonfire -poss.3pl only.Y be -nonfut -poss.3sg ptl.Y and.Y other -poss.3pl what -poss.3pl =ptl neg.ex
3sg -pl -loc -poss.3pl bonfire -poss.3pl only.Y быть -nonfut -poss.3sg ptl.Y and.Y другой -poss.3pl что -poss.3pl =ptl neg.ex
They only had a fire burning, and there was nothing else.
У них только огонь горел, ничего другого не было.
Chat about an Evenki film (53)
[ew] Ewedič toːrer, ewenkiskejt [toːr] toːrer.
ewen -DI -Č toːre -R(E) ewenkijskij.R -Č toːre -R(E)
Even -adjr -ins speak -nonfut(3pl) Evenki -ins speak -nonfut(3pl)
Even -adjr -ins говорить -nonfut(3pl) Evenki -ins говорить -nonfut(3pl)
They spoke Even, uhm, Evenki they spoke.
Чисто говорили по-эвенкийский.
Pear story (1) (3)
Torre, bokeččen tawra.
tor -R(E) bekeč -W -E-n(I) taw -R(E)
prop.up -nonfut(3pl) all -acc -ep-poss.3sg gather -nonfut(3pl)
prop.вверх -nonfut(3pl) весь -acc -ep-poss.3sg собиратть -nonfut(3pl)
They propped him up and gathered everything.
Even ghost stories (17)
it -U -s(E)n -R(E)
see -intr -lim -nonfut(3pl)
видеть -intr -lim -nonfut(3pl)
They would be seen briefly.
Их коротко было видно.
Even taboos and customs (20)
Tar ọːn, ịača, goːŋner, ukčeːngerer tar?
tar ọːn ịa -čE goːn -Gr(E) -R(E) ukčeːn -Gr(E) -R(E) tar
disthow what -pf.ptc say -hab -nonfut(3pl) tell -hab -nonfut(3pl) dist
disthow что -pf.ptc сказать -hab -nonfut(3pl) говорить -hab -nonfut(3pl) dist
And how did they say, what did they tell?
- А как про это рассказывали?
Pear story (5) (10)
Ịlan hurkeːr gịrqaddịtan, nọŋartịqịtan, nọŋartan ńaːn beledʒilre nọŋandụn.
ịlan hurkeːn -L gịrka -D -RI -tEn nọŋan -L -t(E)kI -tEn nọŋartan ńaːn bel -E-D -E-L -R(E) nọŋan -DU -n(I)
three young.man -pl walk -prog -pst -poss.3pl 3sg -pl -all -poss.3pl 3pl also be.nice.to -ep-prog -ep-inch -nonfut(3pl) 3sg -dat -poss.3sg
три молодой.мужчина -pl идти -prog -pst -poss.3pl 3sg -pl -весь -poss.3pl 3pl тоже быть.nice.к -ep-prog -ep-inch -nonfut(3pl) 3sg -dat -poss.3sg
There were three boys were walking, towards them, they began helping him.