Lexical glosses for Even (English)

This list of lexical glosses found in the Even transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

Each item is followed by a number which gives an indication of how many times the lexical gloss appears in the texts available in the collection for Even.

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Black force and White force (25)
Biː goːndʒim:
biː goːn -DʒI -m
1sg say -fut -1sg
1sg сказать -fut -1sg
"I will say:"
- Я скажу:
Even taboos and customs (9)
Biː taraw ehem-de họːč ..., ọmŋaram-da biː.
biː tar -W e -R(E) -m =dE họː -Č ọmŋa -R(E) -m =dE biː
1sg dist -acc neg -nonfut -1sg =ptl very -ins forget -nonfut -1sg =ptl 1sg
1sg dist -acc neg -nonfut -1sg =ptl очень -ins забыть -nonfut -1sg =ptl 1sg
That I don't very much ..., I forgot it.
Я все забыла.
Pear story (3) (1)
Taraw ittem biː.
tar -W it -R(E) -m biː
dist -acc see -nonfut -1sg 1sg
dist -acc видеть -nonfut -1sg 1sg
That's what I saw.
The creation of animals (50)
Dʒeː biː...
dʒeː.Y biː
ptl.Y 1sg
ptl.Y 1sg
And me...
Pear story (2) (1)
Biː kojeːttem pịlmaw.
biː kojeː -Č -R(E) -m fil'm.R -W
1sg look -res -nonfut -1sg film.R -acc
1sg смотреть -res -nonfut -1sg film.R -acc
I have seen a film.
A conversation about Even culture (73)
Haːram, haːram, tọmkọča.
haː -R(E) -m haː -R(E) -m tọmkača
know -nonfut -1sg know -nonfut -1sg thread
know -nonfut -1sg know -nonfut -1sg thread
I know, I know, "tomkocha" (thread).
Знаю, знаю, томкоча.
The sacred reindeer (13)
"Biː nụbaw tawram", goːnče.
biː nụba -W taw -R(E) -m goːn -čE
1sg root -acc gather -nonfut -1sg say -pf.ptc
1sg root -acc собиратть -nonfut -1sg сказать -pf.ptc
"I collected some roots", she said.
"Я собрала корни", - сказала.
Bear story (11)
Biː eču dọldar.
biː e -čE -W dọlda -R(E)
1sg neg -pf.ptc -poss.1sg hear -neg.cvb
1sg neg -pf.ptc -poss.1sg слышать -neg.cvb
I haven't heard about it.
Я не слышал.
Cannibal story (39)
Biː eńmu kočukeːn-de, er, eńmu aːtča ọːčalan, bụkatịn eńmu, adịdụw-gụ, biː škọlala [i, i] iːnnew anŋanịw, aːtča ọːrịn.
biː eńen -W kočukeːn =dE er eńen -W aːtča ọː -čE -(dU)LE -n(I) bukatïn.Y eńen -W adị -DU -W =GU biː škola.R -(dU)LE iː -nnE -W anŋan -W aːtča ọː -RI -n(I)
1sg mother -poss.1sg small =ptl prox mother -poss.1sg neg.ex become -pf.ptc -loc -poss.3sg completely.Y mother -poss.1sg how.much -dat -poss.1sg =q 1sg school.R -loc come.in -nec.ptc -poss.1sg year -poss.1sg neg.ex become -pst -poss.3sg
1sg мать -poss.1sg маленький =ptl prox мать -poss.1sg neg.ex become -pf.ptc -loc -poss.3sg completely.Y мать -poss.1sg как.много -dat -poss.1sg =q 1sg школа.R -loc прийти.в -nec.ptc -poss.1sg год -poss.1sg neg.ex become -pst -poss.3sg
My mother, (I was) small, uhm, when my mother died, that is, how old was I, the year when I was about to first go to school, my mother died.
Мать моей матери умерла в тот год, когда я только должна была пойти в школу.
Pear story (1) (3)
Dʒeː, ụtaldam.
dʒe.Y ụtal -R(E) -m
ptl.Y understand -nonfut -1sg
ptl.Y understand -nonfut -1sg
I mean, (how I) understood it.