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Lexical words in Northern Khanty

This list of lexical words found in the Northern Khanty transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

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Ivan Durachok (1)
iwanuška jaj-ŋil-al măn-l-ə-ŋən pa lŭw pa lɔw-ə-l wŭ-l, lŭw pa măn-l tŭm-et jŭpi-na. ɔj, mŭr ătti ijulti pɔstrɔjt-ə-m ulica χŭwat, ăsa prɔwerajet-l-aj-ə-t śi ewi-na. χŏj χŏśa u-l śi lujət. itta iwanuška χŏśa jŏχət-l pa ɔj ătti χŭl-eŋ! nu, tŏχi jŏχət-l itta śikəńśa lŭj-l-al tăm itta want-i-l-aj-ə-t. itta atəm trapkaj-ə-l śikəńśa itta tăm ătti newestaj-ə-l-na nŏχ jɔwər-l-a pa śikəńśa ijulti nawi-ji χănsəŋ. itta law-ə-l: “tăta śi ul-m-al ma ženiχ-em.” itta χɔn χŏśa tu-l-a, lŏś-l-al il ŏw-l-ə-t tălta săχat. χɔn law-i-li-jəl: “nu ladnɔ, pust' takɔj budet.” ittam śikəńśa χɔn ătti tăm ăt χŏśa păsaŋ sil-na ɔmət-ti ɔləŋ-na χɔn-na păr-l-a pa śikəńśa ătti kɔstum-ə-t-na, mŏlaj-ə-t-na, el sŏχ-ə-t-na mă-l-a, śikəńśa χɔn ătti ewi χŏśeŋ-na ɔms-ə-l-l-a, lŭj-ə-l-na śiti-ji ɔsweśajet-l, nawi-ji wer-l. śikəńśa ittam ătti śikəńśa śi χɔn-l pil-na śiti-ji ul-ti pit-l-ə-ŋən, χɔn ńawrem-l pil-na itta mŏsa ilampa ijulti ul-ŋən.
Ivanushka elder:brother-DU-3SG go-NONPST-0-3DU and 3 and horse-0-3SG take-NONPST 3 and go-NONPST that-PL behind-LOC INTJ people DP everywhere [line:up]-0-NMLZ.PF [road] along all [check]-NONPST-PAS-0-3PL DP girl-LOC who to be-NONPST DP ring that Ivanushka to arrive-NONPST and INTJ DP dirt-PROPR INTJ to:there arrive-NONPST DP DP finger-PL-3SG this DP see-FREQ-NONPST-PAS-0-3PL that bad [rag]-0-3SG DP DP this DP [bride]-0-3SG-LOC up wrap-NONPST-PAS and DP everywhere white-TRANS decorated DP say-0-NONPST here FOC be-NMLZ.PF-3SG 1SG [bridegroom]-1SG that king to bring-PL-3SG saliva-PL-3SG down flow-NONPST-0-3PL from:here then king say-0-IMPF-FREQ-0-NONPST [INTJ ok OPT such will:be] DP DP king DP this thing to table edge-LOC set-NMLZ.IMPF end-LOC king-LOC order-NONPST-PAS and DP DP [clothes]-0-PL-LOC what-0-PL-LOC body hide-0-PL-LOC give-NONPST-PAS DP king DP girl side-LOC sit-0-CAUS-NONPST-PAS finger-0-3SG-LOC so-TRANS [light:up]-NONPST white-TRANS make-NONPST DP DP DP DP DP king-3SG companion-LOC so-TRANS be-NMLZ.IMPF start-NONPST-0-3DU king child-3SG companion-LOC DP what perhaps everywhere be-NONPST-3DU
Ivanushka старший:брат-ДВ-3ЕД идти-NONPST-0-3ДВ and 3 and horse-0-3ЕД взять-NONPST 3 and идти-NONPST тот-МН за-ЛОК МЕЖД народ DP everywhere [line:up]-0-НМЛЗ.ПРФ [road] вдоль весь [check]-NONPST-ПАС-0-3МН DP girl-ЛОК кто к быть-NONPST DP ring тот Ivanushka к прибыть-NONPST and МЕЖД DP dirt-ПРОПР МЕЖД to:there прибыть-NONPST DP DP finger-МН-3ЕД этот DP видеть-ФРЕКВ-NONPST-ПАС-0-3МН тот плохой [rag]-0-3ЕД DP DP этот DP [bride]-0-3ЕД-ЛОК вверх завернуть-NONPST-ПАС and DP everywhere белый-TRANS decorated DP сказать-0-NONPST здесь ФОК быть-НМЛЗ.ПРФ-3ЕД 1ЕД [bridegroom]-1ЕД тот king к принести-МН-3ЕД saliva-МН-3ЕД down flow-NONPST-0-3МН from:here тогда king сказать-0-ИМПФ-ФРЕКВ-0-NONPST [МЕЖД ok OPT such will:be] DP DP king DP этот вещь к стол край-ЛОК set-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ конец-ЛОК king-ЛОК приказать-NONPST-ПАС and DP DP [clothes]-0-МН-ЛОК что-0-МН-ЛОК body прятать-0-МН-ЛОК дать-NONPST-ПАС DP king DP girl сторона-ЛОК сидеть-0-CAUS-NONPST-ПАС finger-0-3ЕД-ЛОК так-TRANS [light:up]-NONPST белый-TRANS делать-NONPST DP DP DP DP DP king-3ЕД товарищ-ЛОК так-TRANS быть-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ начать-NONPST-0-3ДВ king ребенок-3ЕД товарищ-ЛОК DP что perhaps everywhere быть-NONPST-3ДВ
Ivanushka stayed home. Ivanushka’s brothers left, but he took another of his horses and also set out after them. Oh, people were lined up all along the road. The girl was checking them all to see who had the ring. When she came to Ivanushka, he was filthy all over. She came up to him, his fingers were visible. His bride unrolled the bad rags and all over there was a white brilliance. Then she said: “This was my bridegroom.” Then he was ordered to the tsar and his mouth was dribbling. The tsar said: “Well fine, let him be it.” First, the tsar ordered him to be seated at the table, then gave him clothes and furs, he was seated next to the tsar’s daughter, his finger was gleaming, made a gleam. Then they started to live with the tsar, with the tsar’s children, they are probably still living together.