Northern Khanty

Lexical words in Northern Khanty

This list of lexical words found in the Northern Khanty transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

Each item is followed by a number which gives an indication of how many times the lexical word appears in the texts available in the collection for Northern Khanty.

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The Tsar's sons and the town boy (3)
χɔn χuləm jik tăj-ə-l. χuləm jik tăj-li-man pa śikəńśa pa χɔn χŏśa niŋ wŭ-ti măn-ti wŭtśaj-ə-l. χɔn tăj-ə-l rupit-ti jik, rupit-ti jik, leləm-ti jik tăj-ə-l. lel-ə-m-ti jik-ə-l law-i-li-j-ə-l ănti: “năŋ eŋəm-ti jɔχ măn-l-ə-ti pa ma lŏχi iśi ji-l-ə-m.” pa śi kem-na tum jɔχ law-i-li-j-ə-l ănt-i: “năŋ kem-na χŏti săχajət mŭŋ pil-ew-na ji-l? mŭŋ χŏti ŏχ tăj-l-uw, sɔrńi ŏχ tăj-l-uw, śel ŏχ tăj-l-uw, pa χɔn χŏśa at măn-l-uw.” śi kem-na law-i-li-j-ə-l ănti: “pa năŋ ŏχ ki, ŏχ tăj-a-ti, ma ŏχ ăn tăj-l-ə-m pa mŏla wer? ătti, măn-t-em χŭwat, jus măn-t-em χŭwat ătti ńar jŭχ sewər-l-ə-m, sɔrəm jŭχ sewər-l-ə-m ŏχ kinśa ar-ri ji-l, sɔrńi ŏχ, śel ŏχ kinśa ar-ri ji-l.” nu śikəńśa, law-i-li-j-ə-l-ə-t itta ănti: “măn-l-uw ki măn-l-uw.”
king three boy have-0-NONPST three boy have-IMPF-CVB and DP and king to woman take-NMLZ.IMPF go-NMLZ.IMPF want-0-NONPST king have-0-NONPST work-NMLZ.IMPF boy work-NMLZ.IMPF boy sit-INCH-NMLZ.IMPF boy have-0-NONPST sit-INCH-NMLZ.IMPF boy say-0-IMPF-FREQ-0-NONPST DP 2SG grow-NMLZ.IMPF man go-NONPST-0-2PL and 1SG wretched same come-NONPST-0-1SG and DP after-LOC that man say-0-IMPF-FREQ-0-NONPST DP 2SG after-LOC how then 1PL companion-1PL-LOC come-NONPST 1PL how money have-NONPST-1PL gold money have-NONPST-1PL silver money have-NONPST-1PL and king to OPT go-NONPST-1PL DP after-LOC say-0-IMPF-FREQ-0-NONPST DP and 2SG money if money have-IMP-PL 1SG money NEG have-NONPST-0-1SG and what matter DP go-NMLZ.IMPF-1SG along road go-NMLZ.IMPF-1SG along DP raw tree cut-NONPST-0-1SG dry tree cut-NONPST-0-1SG money comparison much-TRANS come-NONPST gold money silver money comparison much-TRANS come-NONPST INTJ DP say-0-IMPF-FREQ-0-NONPST-0-3PL DP DP go-NONPST-1PL if go-NONPST-1PL
king три boy have-0-NONPST три boy have-ИМПФ-КОНВ and DP and king к женщина взять-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ идти-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ хотеть-0-NONPST king have-0-NONPST работать-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ boy работать-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ boy сидеть-ИНХ-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ boy have-0-NONPST сидеть-ИНХ-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ boy сказать-0-ИМПФ-ФРЕКВ-0-NONPST DP 2ЕД расти-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ мужчина идти-NONPST-0-2МН and 1ЕД wretched same прийти-NONPST-0-1ЕД and DP после-ЛОК тот мужчина сказать-0-ИМПФ-ФРЕКВ-0-NONPST DP 2ЕД после-ЛОК как тогда 1МН товарищ-1МН-ЛОК прийти-NONPST 1МН как money have-NONPST-1МН gold money have-NONPST-1МН серебро money have-NONPST-1МН and king к OPT идти-NONPST-1МН DP после-ЛОК сказать-0-ИМПФ-ФРЕКВ-0-NONPST DP and 2ЕД money if money have-ИМП-МН 1ЕД money НЕГ have-NONPST-0-1ЕД and что matter DP идти-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ-1ЕД вдоль road идти-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ-1ЕД вдоль DP raw дерево резать-NONPST-0-1ЕД dry дерево резать-NONPST-0-1ЕД money comparison много-TRANS прийти-NONPST gold money серебро money comparison много-TRANS прийти-NONPST МЕЖД DP сказать-0-ИМПФ-ФРЕКВ-0-NONPST-0-3МН DP DP идти-NONPST-1МН if идти-NONPST-1МН
A tsar had three sons. The tsar had three sons, they wanted to go to another tsar to find wives. The tsar had a young man who worked, he rode on the team. The lad who rode on the team said: “You young people are setting off, but poor me should stay?” They said: “What does such a one as you want with us? We have money, golden money, and silver money. We’re setting off to another tsar.” Then he said: “If you have money and I have no money what difference does it make? When I go, on the path I travel I will chop fresh trees, I will chop dry trees, it will be more than money, more than gold and silver money.” Then they said: “If we’re going, let’s go.”
Mitxuj and Melesnik (4)
lŭw-el ănt răχ-ə-l śi jiŋk χŏśa măn-ti-ji”.
 pa ila-ji jis, kŭl iki pa jŏχət-l jŏχi pa li-l pa χuj-ə-l. pa li-l pa χuj-ə-l pa mitχuj mel'esnik-ŋən śi numəs-l-ə-ŋən, χŭnti pa aləŋ săχat-ti ji-l. pa aləŋ săχat-ti ji-s, kŭl iki pa wɔj wel-ti măn-l. pa wɔj wel-ti măn-l, lin śiti ul-l-ə-ŋən tălaŋ χătl. ila-ji pa ji-l, itta lɔw-ə-n pa kim et-l, iśiti al wŏlij-ə-l. tŭt iti al wŏlij-ə-l, lŭw el-t-el ăsa ijulti nawi-ji ji-l. lin măn-l-ə-ŋən śi lŏw χŏśa. kat-l-ə-llən. kat-l-ə-llən pa śikəńśa sɔra sɔra nŏχ lel-ə-m-l-ə-ŋən śi lŏw χŏśa, śi jiŋk i pelk-ə-ś măn-l-ə-ŋən. jiŋk i pelk-ə-ś tup măn-l-ə-ŋən pa imŏsaj-na mŭw al tări-ti pit-ə-s pa kŭl iki jŏχət-l. kŭl iki jŏχət-l pa śukas ŭw-ə-l jiŋk i pelək ewəlt lin pelaj-ə-n. nu, lŭw-ə-l ăn răχ-ə-l, śi jiŋk χŏśa tup lăŋ-ə-l ki, śi lŭw ătti kew iti ji-l. śiti śukas ŭw-ə-s, ŭw-ə-s, a mel'esnik-ŋən mitχuj-ŋən śiti śi măn-s-ə-ŋən lɔw-ə-l pil-na. i pelək-na jŏχət-s-ə-ŋən pa wan-l-ə-llən, lɔw-ə-n law-ə-l ătti, itta law-ə-l:
3-ACC/DAT NEG be:possible(?)-0-NONPST FOC water to go-NMLZ.IMPF-TRANS
 and evening-TRANS come-PST devil old:man and arrive-NONPST homewards and eat-NONPST and lie-0-NONPST and eat-NONPST and lie-0-NONPST and Mitkhui Melesnik-DU FOC think-NONPST-0-3DU when and morning time-TRANS come-NONPST and morning time-TRANS come-PST devil old:man and animal kill-NMLZ.IMPF go-NONPST and animal kill-NMLZ.IMPF go-NONPST 3DU so be-NONPST-0-3DU whole day evening-TRANS and come-NONPST that horse-0-3DU and out come-NONPST likewise very:much shine-0-NONPST fire as very:much shine-0-NONPST 3 come-NMLZ.IMPF-3PL all everywhere white-TRANS come-NONPST 3DU go-NONPST-0-3DU DP horse to seize-NONPST-0-SG.3DU seize-NONPST-0-SG.3DU and DP quickly quickly up sit-0-INCH-NONPST-0-3DU DP horse to DP water one half-0-ADV go-NONPST-0-3DU water one half-0-ADV only go-NONPST-0-3DU and one-LOC land wobble-NMLZ.IMPF start-0-PST and devil old:man arrive-NONPST devil old:man arrive-NONPST and loudly shout-0-NONPST water one side from 3DU towards-0-3DU INTJ 3-0-ACC/DAT NEG be:possible-0-NONPST DP water to only enter-0-NONPST if DP 3 DP stone as come-NONPST so loudly shout-0-PST shout-0-PST [but] Melesnik-DU Mitkhui-DU so FOC go-PST-0-3DU horse-0-3SG companion-LOC one half-LOC arrive-PST-0-3DU and see-NONPST-0-SG.3DU horse-0-3DU say-0-NONPST DP DP say-0-NONPST
3-АКК/ДАТ НЕГ be:possible(?)-0-NONPST ФОК вода к идти-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ-TRANS
 and вечер-TRANS прийти-ПРОШ черт старик and прибыть-NONPST homewards and есть-NONPST and лежать-0-NONPST and есть-NONPST and лежать-0-NONPST and Mitkhui Melesnik-ДВ ФОК think-NONPST-0-3ДВ когда and утро время-TRANS прийти-NONPST and утро время-TRANS прийти-ПРОШ черт старик and животное убить-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ идти-NONPST and животное убить-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ идти-NONPST 3ДВ так быть-NONPST-0-3ДВ целый день вечер-TRANS and прийти-NONPST тот horse-0-3ДВ and из прийти-NONPST likewise very:much сверкать-0-NONPST огонь as very:much сверкать-0-NONPST 3 прийти-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ-3МН весь everywhere белый-TRANS прийти-NONPST 3ДВ идти-NONPST-0-3ДВ DP horse к seize-NONPST-0-ЕД.3ДВ seize-NONPST-0-ЕД.3ДВ and DP быстро быстро вверх сидеть-0-ИНХ-NONPST-0-3ДВ DP horse к DP вода один half-0-ADV идти-NONPST-0-3ДВ вода один half-0-ADV only идти-NONPST-0-3ДВ and один-ЛОК земля wobble-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ начать-0-ПРОШ and черт старик прибыть-NONPST черт старик прибыть-NONPST and loudly кричать-0-NONPST вода один сторона от 3ДВ в:направлении-0-3ДВ МЕЖД 3-0-АКК/ДАТ НЕГ be:possible-0-NONPST DP вода к only войти-0-NONPST if DP 3 DP камень as прийти-NONPST так loudly кричать-0-ПРОШ кричать-0-ПРОШ [но] Melesnik-ДВ Mitkhui-ДВ так ФОК идти-ПРОШ-0-3ДВ horse-0-3ЕД товарищ-ЛОК один half-ЛОК прибыть-ПРОШ-0-3ДВ and видеть-NONPST-0-ЕД.3ДВ horse-0-3ДВ сказать-0-NONPST DP DP сказать-0-NONPST
Night fell again, the demon came home again, ate and lay down to sleep. Once again he ate and lay down to sleep. Morning broke again, the demon went off hunting. He went off hunting and they stayed the whole day. Night fell, the horse went out and shone again. It gleamed like fire and made everything light. They went up to the horse. They caught it, they caught it, mounted it really fast and took off on the horse over the water to the other side. As soon as they reached the other side of the water, suddenly the earth began to shake, the demon was coming. The demon was coming and he shouted out loudly at them from the other side. He could not cross, as soon as he went into the water, he would turn into stone. He shouted out loudly, shouted, but Mitkhui and Melesnik set off on the horse. They came to the to the other side and looked–the horse said: “Now we have come to this side, both of you now go into one of my ears and come out of the other ear.”
Fox (6)
“tăm χŏj taś, iśm-ə-s-li, neŋχ-et sawi-man tăj-l-a, χŏj taś?” a śi taś sawi-ti neŋχ-et law-ə-l ănti: “tăm ɔχ-ti wɔj-ŋən, mŭw χɔr ik-eŋən taś.” “uj, năŋ, ɔχsar iki law-i-li-j-ə-l, năŋ śăχa jălta l'al' ji-l pa taś-ə-ŋ wɔs χuj, law-ə-l, l'al'-l'i ji-l. tăm ătti ɔχ-ti wɔj-ŋən χŏśa, mŭw χɔr-ŋən χŏśa l'al'-l'i ji-l pa itta mŭŋ χŏś-ew χɔt χălewət ti jŏχət-l pa śiti al law-a-tən, năŋ śiti law-a-ti, năŋ-en iśm-ə-l-li: χŏj taś? śiti law-a-ti: tăm ɔχsar ik-eŋən χɔr mŭs ik-eŋən taś.” “aχa. śiti ki śiti. śiti law-l-uw.” “law-a-ti: śi neŋχ-eŋən taś. mătti kălaŋ χɔr-a-ti.” kat χuləm kălaŋ χɔr-em-ə-s-ə-t pa śikəńśa uχəl-l-al jɔwəl-s-aj-ə-t. ɔχsar iki măn-man wŏj-ə-ŋ pŭl menm-ij-ə-l, law-i-li-j-ə-l, sămχ-ə-l wŏj-na u-l.
this who herd ask-0-PST-SG.3SG person-PL tend-CVB have-NONPST-PAS who herd [but] DP herd tend-NMLZ.IMPF person-PL say-0-NONPST DP this croak-NMLZ.PF animal-DU land male old:man-DU herd INTJ 2SG fox old:man say-0-IMPF-FREQ-0-NONPST 2SG then ahead war come-NONPST and herd-0-PROPR town man say-0-NONPST war-TRANS come-NONPST this DP croak-NMLZ.IMPF animal-DU to land male-DU to war-TRANS come-NONPST and DP 1PL to-1PL house tomorrow to:here arrive-NONPST and so NEG say-IMP-DU 2SG say-IMP-PL 2SG-ACC/DAT ask-0-NONPST-SG.3SG who herd so say-IMP-2PL this fox old:man-DU male cow old:man-DU herd INTJ so if so so say-NONPST-1PL say-IMP-PL DP person-DU herd which reindeer draw-IMP-PL two three reindeer draw-INCH-0-PST-0-3PL and DP sled-PL-3SG toss-PST-PAS-0-3PL fox old:man go-CVB fat-0-PROPR morsel tear:off-FREQ-0-NONPST say-0-IMPF-FREQ-0-NONPST heart-0-3SG fat-LOC be-NONPST
этот кто herd спросить-0-ПРОШ-ЕД.3ЕД человек-МН tend-КОНВ have-NONPST-ПАС кто herd [но] DP herd tend-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ человек-МН сказать-0-NONPST DP этот croak-НМЛЗ.ПРФ животное-ДВ земля male старик-ДВ herd МЕЖД 2ЕД лиса старик сказать-0-ИМПФ-ФРЕКВ-0-NONPST 2ЕД тогда вперед война прийти-NONPST and herd-0-ПРОПР город мужчина сказать-0-NONPST война-TRANS прийти-NONPST этот DP croak-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ животное-ДВ к земля male-ДВ к война-TRANS прийти-NONPST and DP 1МН к-1МН дом завтра to:here прибыть-NONPST and так НЕГ сказать-ИМП-ДВ 2ЕД сказать-ИМП-МН 2ЕД-АКК/ДАТ спросить-0-NONPST-ЕД.3ЕД кто herd так сказать-ИМП-2МН этот лиса старик-ДВ male корова старик-ДВ herd МЕЖД так if так так сказать-NONPST-1МН сказать-ИМП-МН DP человек-ДВ herd который олень draw-ИМП-МН два три олень draw-ИНХ-0-ПРОШ-0-3МН and DP sled-МН-3ЕД toss-ПРОШ-ПАС-0-3МН лиса старик идти-КОНВ толстый-0-ПРОПР morsel tear:off-ФРЕКВ-0-NONPST сказать-0-ИМПФ-ФРЕКВ-0-NONPST сердце-0-3ЕД толстый-ЛОК быть-NONPST
“Whose herd is this?” he asked the people guarding the herd, “whose herd?” And the people guarding the herd answered, “It’s the herd of the snake and old man mammoth.” The old fox said: “War will come to you, the old man from the rich city will come in war. War will come to the snake and old man mammoth and to us. It will come here tomorrow. Don’t talk like before. Say the following, if you are asked whose herd it is. Say, ‘It’s the herd of the old fox and the old bull.’” “Aha. Fine. That’s what we’ll say.” “Say that this is the herd of those people. Skin a few reindeer.” They skinned two or three reindeer and threw them on the sled. Old man fox went and tore of off the fatty pieces, ate, his heart was covered with fat.
Wajnin (5)
oχəl-l-ə-n jäməs χos-s-aj-ə-t, äsa jäm kälaŋ-ə-t-na kir-s-aj-ŋən, măla măsa śitna pŏn-s-aj-ŋən, śi i män-s-ə-ŋən. păr-niŋ im-en lǟw-ə-l: “äsa, lǟw-ə-l änti, pärta män-t-en păraj-na, lǟw-ə-l, mǟ χat-am mŏχ-ta ǟl män-a, jăχa, lǟw-ə-l, män-l-uw”. wajniŋ-ij-en lǟw-ə-l änti: “ǟtol o-l, lǟw-ə-l änti, χŏti, lǟw-ə-l, jăχa än män-l-uw. jăχa śi χŏti män-s-ə-mən pǟ śiti pärta jăχa ji-l män-ə-m-ti” oj, män-s-ə-ŋən, śi jupi-na pärta ätta jŏχi jŏχət-s-ə-ŋən, măla χuw wǟn χuw o-ŋən taŋχa, pärta ji-l wasniŋ-ij-en. ta śi jupi-na pärta män-t-al säχat lǟw-ə-l änti, oj i niŋ-ə-l uw-t-ə-s-li, lǟw-ə-l: “än ji-l-ə-n, lǟw-ə-l, mǟ män-s-ə-m, pärta mălli män-l-ə-m”. luw oχl-ə-l χŏti wajniŋ-ij-en oχəl χŏti, lǟw-ə-l, kälaŋ-l-al, lǟw-ə-l, sapl-ə-l onti, lǟw-ə-l, śiti loŋχaŋśəp-na jir-m-ə-t pǟ, lǟw-ə-l, ǟl śoli-l-ə-t. i niŋ-ə-l i niŋ-ə-l lajl-ə-l i χăś lajl-ə-l, i χăś än lajl-ə-l, ǟjltaji män-l. χăta pärta äŋkər-m-al pǟ i niŋ-ə-l tamətta nǟwi kälaŋ-ə-t-na juw-ə-nt-ij-ə-s, a pärta pǟ sor-li muw waj-ə-t mălaj-ə-t li täpar waj-ə-t-na kir-m-al pǟ oχl-ə-l śiti śi tu-l-a. ăkkul jukanni pǟ tamətta ăkkul täj-ə-s, kälaŋ ăkkul, a tam χătl pǟ pärta juw-m-al-na pǟ mălli pam wer-ti măla kul-na wer-ə-m pǟ śi muw waj-l-al jirs-ə-l-ə-m-al ol-l-ə-t. śiti ji-l jup-el-na, i niŋ-ə-l jup-el-na ji-l.
sled-PL-0-3DU well bind-PST-PAS-0-3PL all good reindeer-0-PL-LOC harness-PST-PAS-3DU what what therefore put-PST-PAS-3DU DP [and] go-PST-0-3DU Por-woman woman-2SG say-0-NONPST all say-0-NONPST DP back go-NMLZ.IMPF-2SG time-LOC say-0-NONPST 1SG house-1SG pass:by-NMLZ.IMPF NEG go-IMP together say-0-NONPST go-NONPST-1PL Vajnin-DIM-2SG say-0-NONPST ever be-NONPST say-0-NONPST how say-0-NONPST together NEG go-NONPST-1PL together FOC how go-PST-0-1DU and so back together come-NONPST go-0-NMLZ.PF-NMLZ.IMPF INTJ go-PST-0-3DU DP behind-LOC back DP homewards arrive-PST-0-3DU what long short long be-3DU DP back come-NONPST Vasnin-DIM-2SG [here] FOC behind-LOC back go-NMLZ.IMPF-3SG time say-0-NONPST DP INTJ one woman-0-3SG shout-NMLZ.IMPF-0-PST-SG.3SG say-0-NONPST NEG come-NONPST-0-2SG say-0-NONPST 1SG go-PST-0-1SG back forever go-NONPST-0-1SG 3 sled-0-3SG how Vajnin-DIM-2SG sled how say-0-NONPST reindeer-PL-3SG say-0-NONPST neck-0-3SG DP say-0-NONPST so little:bell-LOC tie-NMLZ.PF-0-N and say-0-NONPST very:much ring-NONPST-0-3PL one woman-0-3SG one woman-0-3SG wait-0-3SG [and] away wait-0-3SG [and] away NEG wait-0-NONPST slowly go-NONPST where back look-NMLZ.PF-3SG and one woman-0-3SG yesterday white reindeer-0-3PL-LOC go-0-FREQ-FREQ-0-PST [but] back and way-CAR land animal-0-PL what-0-3PL [or] dirt animal-0-PL-LOC harness-NMLZ.PF-3SG and sled-0-3SG so FOC bring-NONPST-PAS rope instead and yesterday rope have-0-PST reindeer rope [but] this day and back come-NMLZ.PF-3SG-LOC and forever grass make-NMLZ.IMPF what rope-LOC make-0-NMLZ.PF and DP land animal-PL-3SG tie-0-IMPF-0-NMLZ.PF-3SG be-NONPST-0-3PL so come-NONPST behind-3SG-LOC one woman-0-3SG behind-3SG-LOC come-NONPST
sled-МН-0-3ДВ хорошо bind-ПРОШ-ПАС-0-3МН весь хороший олень-0-МН-ЛОК harness-ПРОШ-ПАС-3ДВ что что therefore положить-ПРОШ-ПАС-3ДВ DP [and] идти-ПРОШ-0-3ДВ Por-женщина женщина-2ЕД сказать-0-NONPST весь сказать-0-NONPST DP назад идти-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ-2ЕД время-ЛОК сказать-0-NONPST 1ЕД дом-1ЕД pass:by-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ НЕГ идти-ИМП together сказать-0-NONPST идти-NONPST-1МН Vajnin-ДИМ-2ЕД сказать-0-NONPST ever быть-NONPST сказать-0-NONPST как сказать-0-NONPST together НЕГ идти-NONPST-1МН together ФОК как идти-ПРОШ-0-1ДВ and так назад together прийти-NONPST идти-0-НМЛЗ.ПРФ-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ МЕЖД идти-ПРОШ-0-3ДВ DP за-ЛОК назад DP homewards прибыть-ПРОШ-0-3ДВ что длинный short длинный быть-3ДВ DP назад прийти-NONPST Vasnin-ДИМ-2ЕД [здесь] ФОК за-ЛОК назад идти-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ-3ЕД время сказать-0-NONPST DP МЕЖД один женщина-0-3ЕД кричать-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ-0-ПРОШ-ЕД.3ЕД сказать-0-NONPST НЕГ прийти-NONPST-0-2ЕД сказать-0-NONPST 1ЕД идти-ПРОШ-0-1ЕД назад forever идти-NONPST-0-1ЕД 3 sled-0-3ЕД как Vajnin-ДИМ-2ЕД sled как сказать-0-NONPST олень-МН-3ЕД сказать-0-NONPST neck-0-3ЕД DP сказать-0-NONPST так little:bell-ЛОК связать-НМЛЗ.ПРФ-0-N and сказать-0-NONPST very:much ring-NONPST-0-3МН один женщина-0-3ЕД один женщина-0-3ЕД ждать-0-3ЕД [and] прочь ждать-0-3ЕД [and] прочь НЕГ ждать-0-NONPST slowly идти-NONPST где назад смотреть-НМЛЗ.ПРФ-3ЕД and один женщина-0-3ЕД yesterday белый олень-0-3МН-ЛОК идти-0-ФРЕКВ-ФРЕКВ-0-ПРОШ [но] назад and way-КАР земля животное-0-МН что-0-3МН [or] dirt животное-0-МН-ЛОК harness-НМЛЗ.ПРФ-3ЕД and sled-0-3ЕД так ФОК принести-NONPST-ПАС веревка instead and yesterday веревка have-0-ПРОШ олень веревка [но] этот день and назад прийти-НМЛЗ.ПРФ-3ЕД-ЛОК and forever grass делать-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ что веревка-ЛОК делать-0-НМЛЗ.ПРФ and DP земля животное-МН-3ЕД связать-0-ИМПФ-0-НМЛЗ.ПРФ-3ЕД быть-NONPST-0-3МН так прийти-NONPST за-3ЕД-ЛОК один женщина-0-3ЕД за-3ЕД-ЛОК прийти-NONPST
Then they tied the sleds, harnessed up all the reindeer well, loaded what was necessary and set off. The Por woman said: “When you come back, don’t just pass by my house, let’s go together.” The Vajnin woman said: “Fine, why shouldn’t we go back together? Just like we went together, we’ll come back together.” They set off back to home, arrived home, lived for a long or a short time, then the Vajnin woman started back. When she went back she called to her friend and said: “If you don’t go, I’m going back, I’m going back for keeps.” Little bells were attached to her sled, to the Vajnin woman’s sled, around the neck of the reindeer, they rang out. She waited for her friend, then set off slowly. She glanced back, but her friend had already gone on the white reindeer and had harnessed some sort of mice and worms, they were pulling the sled in the opposite direction. This time on the road back she made a rope of hay and tied the mice. So she went along behind her, behind the Vajnin woman.
The wonderful son (5)
nu, tɔŋχa wan ul-l-ə-ŋən, χŭw ul-l-ə-ŋən. ńawrem-l wŭl-li ji-l, ńŏχəm-ti-t lŏwat ji-l. ńŏχəm-ti-t lŏwat ji-l pa śikəńśa ătti ɔm-el law-i-li-j-ə-l ănti: “ńawrem-emən, law-ə-l, śiti śi ur-na wŭrat-l ătti. wek kŭssi jelən ănt ul. ńawrem χŏti, law-ə-l, wɔs lipi-na măn-l pa ńawrem jɔχ-l-al pil-na at jănt-l.” śi kem-na aś-el law-i-l-ij-ə-l ănti: “al śiti ul-ti pit-l, law-ə-l, ul-m-emən ewəlt, law-ə-l, ma ănt uś-i-li-j-ə-m-ə-t-em, ma ăn want-i-li-j-ə-m-ə-t-em, mŏsa pa ńawrem-em-na want-l-a tɔŋχa.” śikəńśa itta imi śiti numəs-l: “ik-em mŏsa wek jina jăməs pŏtər-l. mŏsa pa jeləs ul-ti χătl śiti pit-l-ə-mən.” nu śikəńśa, itta ńawrem-iji mɔś χuj ar χuj ij eŋm-ə-l. ij eŋm-ə-l śikəńśa, śiti śi ur-na jăŋχ-ə-l. pa χătl-na măn-l pa i jŭχ kŭt ɔlŋ-ə-ś măn-l. pa χătl-na măn-l pa i jŭχ kŭt ɔlŋ-ə-ś măn-l. śiti χŭw-wi măn-ə-li-ti pit-ə-s. śikəńśa wɔj kalm-ə-t uś-ə-s. ur kălaŋ-ə-t jăχ-m-el.
INTJ DP short live-NONPST-0-3DU long live-NONPST-0-3DU child-3SG big-TRANS come-NONPST run-NMLZ.IMPF-N size come-NONPST run-NMLZ.IMPF-N size come-NONPST and DP DP mother-3SG say-0-IMPF-FREQ-0-NONPST DP child-1DU say-0-3SG so DP forest-LOC struggle-NONPST DP forever for at:home NEG be child who say-0-NONPST town inside-LOC go-NONPST and child man-PL-3SG companion-LOC OPT play-NONPST DP after-LOC father-3SG say-0-IMPF-FREQ-0-NONPST DP very:much so be-NMLZ.IMPF start-3SG be-NMLZ.PF-1DU from say-0-3SG 1SG NEG find-0-IMPF-FREQ-0-NMLZ.PF-0-N-1SG 1SG NEG see-0-IMPF-FREQ-0-NMLZ.PF-0-N-1SG what and child-1SG-LOC see-NONPST-PAS DP DP that woman think-NONPST old:man what forever indeed well speak-NONPST what and ahead be-NMLZ.IMPF day so fall-NONPST-0-1DU INTJ DP that child-DIM story man song man one grow-0-NONPST one grow-0-NONPST DP so FOC forest-LOC walk-0-NONPST and day-LOC go-NONPST and one tree through first-0-ADV go-NONPST and day-LOC go-NONPST and one tree through first-0-ADV go-NONPST so long-TRANS go-0-IMPF-NMLZ.IMPF start-0-PST DP animal footstep-0-PL find-0-PST wood reindeer-0-PL walk-NMLZ.PF-3PL
МЕЖД DP short жить-NONPST-0-3ДВ длинный жить-NONPST-0-3ДВ ребенок-3ЕД большой-TRANS прийти-NONPST бежать-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ-N size прийти-NONPST бежать-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ-N size прийти-NONPST and DP DP мать-3ЕД сказать-0-ИМПФ-ФРЕКВ-0-NONPST DP ребенок-1ДВ сказать-0-3ЕД так DP лес-ЛОК struggle-NONPST DP forever for at:home НЕГ быть ребенок кто сказать-0-NONPST город inside-ЛОК идти-NONPST and ребенок мужчина-МН-3ЕД товарищ-ЛОК OPT play-NONPST DP после-ЛОК отец-3ЕД сказать-0-ИМПФ-ФРЕКВ-0-NONPST DP very:much так быть-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ начать-3ЕД быть-НМЛЗ.ПРФ-1ДВ от сказать-0-3ЕД 1ЕД НЕГ найти-0-ИМПФ-ФРЕКВ-0-НМЛЗ.ПРФ-0-N-1ЕД 1ЕД НЕГ видеть-0-ИМПФ-ФРЕКВ-0-НМЛЗ.ПРФ-0-N-1ЕД что and ребенок-1ЕД-ЛОК видеть-NONPST-ПАС DP DP тот женщина think-NONPST старик что forever indeed хорошо говорить-NONPST что and вперед быть-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ день так fall-NONPST-0-1ДВ МЕЖД DP тот ребенок-ДИМ story мужчина песня мужчина один расти-0-NONPST один расти-0-NONPST DP так ФОК лес-ЛОК идти-0-NONPST and день-ЛОК идти-NONPST and один дерево через первый-0-ADV идти-NONPST and день-ЛОК идти-NONPST and один дерево через первый-0-ADV идти-NONPST так длинный-TRANS идти-0-ИМПФ-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ начать-0-ПРОШ DP животное footstep-0-МН найти-0-ПРОШ wood олень-0-МН идти-НМЛЗ.ПРФ-3МН
They lived for a long time or a short time. Their child got big, started to run. He started to run, his mother said: “Our child always wants to go to the forest. He’s never at home. The child should go to town and play with little boys.” Then the father said: “Let him be. I didn’t know my own life. I didn’t see anything, maybe our child will see something” The wife thought: “My husband always tells the truth. We’ll keep on living the same way.” The little child grew like in a tale, like in a song. He grew and kept on going to the forest. He went the next day, went forward through the trees, the next day he went and again went forward through the trees. He started to go far. He found the tracks of wild animals. There were wild reindeer.
Muskrat (2)
mɔŋχ imi u-l. mɔŋχ imi u-l pa tŏwi-ji ji-s. χătl iśalt rŭwa χŏśa juŋk-ə-t wŭs-ə-t nɔpət-l-aj-ə-t, tŏwi jiŋk-i ji-s. a lŭw ńawrem-l-al ńawrem tăj-ti wer-ə-l u-l, ńawrem teχl-ə-l wŭ-s-li pa rŭwa sil-na wan jina naj χŏś-em iśalt tŏχi leśat-s-ə-lli. tŏχi leśat-s-ə-lli pa lŭw jiŋk sil-na nik ɔms-ə-s pa jiŋk sil-na ɔməs-l, ńawrem-l-al śiti χŏśŋ-el-na ńawrem teχl-ə-l ɔməs-l. aj-ə-t χŏl-na, ńar wɔj-ə-t. ij juŋk lɔpəs iki nɔpət-l-a. uj, juŋk iki pela itta mɔŋχ imi law-i-li-j-ə-l: “jir-em iki, naməlta-sək, naməlta-sək! ńawrem-l-am χɔt-ə-l, law-ə-l, al sukat-a.” ittam juŋk lɔpas iki neman wŭ-ti ńŏχl-ə-l, ittam mɔŋχ imi kŭr-l wŭ-ti sup-pi tăŋər-m-ə-l-a. uj, jijlap ăslap ur, law-ə-l, juŋk jir-em iki, law-ə-l, seŋk al jăraś-a, law-ə-l, i naj-ə-ŋ χătl wer-l-a pa χŏś lăl-l-ə-n pa năŋ-en χŏl-na wan-t-ew ănta itta, măn-em musməl-s-en, kŭr-li pajət-s-en. inwalit-ti ji-s-ə-m.”
musk:rat woman be-NONPST musk:rat woman be-NONPST and spring-TRANS come-PST day in:front embankment to ice-0-PL opening-0-PL float-NONPST-PAS-0-3PL spring water-PROPR come-PST [but] 3 child-PL-3SG have-NMLZ.IMPF thing-0-3SG be-NONPST child nest-0-3SG take-PST-SG.3SG and embankment edge-LOC short DP sun to-1SG in:front to:there prepare-PST-0-SG.3SG to:there prepare-PST-0-SG.3SG and 3 water edge-LOC riverwards sit-0-PST and water edge-LOC sit-NONPST child-PL-3SG so side-3SG-LOC child nest-0-3SG sit-NONPST small-0-PL where-LOC fresh animal-0-PL one ice floe old:man float-NONPST-PAS INTJ ice old:man towards that musk:rat woman say-0-IMPF-FREQ-0-NONPST grandfather-1SG old:man far-COMP far-COMP child-PL-1SG house-0-3SG say-0-NONPST NEG suffer-IMP that ice floe old:man purpose take-NMLZ.IMPF start:off-0-NONPST that musk:rat woman leg-3SG take-NMLZ.IMPF piece-LOC bite-INCH-0-NONPST-PAS INTJ INTJ INTJ forest say-0-NONPST ice grandfather-1SG old:man say-0-NONPST very NEG brag-IMP say-0-NONPST one sun-0-PROPR day make-NONPST-PAS and away melt-NONPST-0-3DU and 2SG-ACC/DAT where-LOC see-NMLZ.IMPF-1PL not:be DP 1SG-ACC/DAT wound-PST-SG.2SG leg-CAR take:down-PST-SG.2SG [invalid]-TRANS come-PST-0-1SG
musk:rat женщина быть-NONPST musk:rat женщина быть-NONPST and spring-TRANS прийти-ПРОШ день in:front embankment к ice-0-МН opening-0-МН float-NONPST-ПАС-0-3МН spring вода-ПРОПР прийти-ПРОШ [но] 3 ребенок-МН-3ЕД have-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ вещь-0-3ЕД быть-NONPST ребенок nest-0-3ЕД взять-ПРОШ-ЕД.3ЕД and embankment край-ЛОК short DP солнце к-1ЕД in:front to:there приготовить-ПРОШ-0-ЕД.3ЕД to:there приготовить-ПРОШ-0-ЕД.3ЕД and 3 вода край-ЛОК riverwards сидеть-0-ПРОШ and вода край-ЛОК сидеть-NONPST ребенок-МН-3ЕД так сторона-3ЕД-ЛОК ребенок nest-0-3ЕД сидеть-NONPST маленький-0-МН где-ЛОК fresh животное-0-МН один ice floe старик float-NONPST-ПАС МЕЖД ice старик в:направлении тот musk:rat женщина сказать-0-ИМПФ-ФРЕКВ-0-NONPST дед-1ЕД старик далеко-КОМП далеко-КОМП ребенок-МН-1ЕД дом-0-3ЕД сказать-0-NONPST НЕГ suffer-ИМП тот ice floe старик purpose взять-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ start:off-0-NONPST тот musk:rat женщина нога-3ЕД взять-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ piece-ЛОК кусать-ИНХ-0-NONPST-ПАС МЕЖД МЕЖД МЕЖД лес сказать-0-NONPST ice дед-1ЕД старик сказать-0-NONPST очень НЕГ brag-ИМП сказать-0-NONPST один солнце-0-ПРОПР день делать-NONPST-ПАС and прочь melt-NONPST-0-3ДВ and 2ЕД-АКК/ДАТ где-ЛОК видеть-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ-1МН not:be DP 1ЕД-АКК/ДАТ wound-ПРОШ-ЕД.2ЕД нога-КАР take:down-ПРОШ-ЕД.2ЕД [invalid]-TRANS прийти-ПРОШ-0-1ЕД
Once there lived a muskrat. There lived a muskrat, spring came. In the sun at the cliff ice floes were floating. The spring water had come. It had to take its children. It took the nest with the children and put it out into the warmth of the sun, into the sun. It put it out and sat down at the edge of the water, it was sitting at the edge of the water, it was sitting next to its children in the nest. They were still young, naked animals. An old flat ice floe floated past. The muskrat said to old man ice floe: “Grandfather, farther away from the banks, farther away! Don’t shatter my children’s home.” Old man ice floe came nearer on purpose and cut off the muskrat’s legs. “Oh, the devil take it, old man ice-floe, I wish you no luck. There will be sunshine and you will melt away, we won’t see you anymore. You have wounded me now and left me without any legs. I have become an invalid.”
Squirrel (5)
imŏsaj-na i jăm iki ătti wŭtaŋ lŏχ sumət-man śi sus-l, śi sus-l, i lŏχ păt i lŏχ păt χɔtś-ij-ə-l. laŋki imi lŏχi χɔll-ə-t-al: “ma χŏti, law-ə-l, tɔmətta, law-ə-l ătti, χănti χuj ur-na ul-ti neŋχ-et-na amŏla ur śirna ul-ti neŋχ-et-na seŋk χɔll-ə-pt-ə-s-aj-ə-m.” ittam iki il lɔj-ə-l, tŭs-l-al wɔśχ-i-li-j-ə-l: “mŏlaj-en χŏti ji-s?” “mŏlaj-em χŏti ji-s pa ńawrem-l-am li-ti wŭtśi-s-aj-ə-t.” śi kemna law-i-li-t-al. lŏχ păt i lŏχ păt i lŏχ păt χɔtś-i-l-a. jel sus-m-ə-l. pa śi kem-na law-ə-l ătti: “ńawrem-ə-t, al χurij-a-ti. mŭŋ ittam ăsa χălewət sus-ə-n jŏχi jŏχət-ti pŏraj-na mŭŋ ńawrem lŭw-el ăsa jăm ul-ti wer-l ul.”
one-LOC one good old:man DP broad ski wear-CVB DP step-NONPST DP step-NONPST one ski bottom one ski bottom knock-FREQ-0-NONPST squirrel woman wretched cry-0-NMLZ.IMPF-3SG 1SG how say-0-NONPST yesterday say-0-NONPST DP Ostyak man forest-LOC be-NMLZ.IMPF person-PL-LOC what forest like be-NMLZ.IMPF person-PL-LOC cry-0-CAUS-0-PST-PAS-0-1SG that old:man down stand-0-NONPST beard-PL-3SG stroke-0-IMPF-FREQ-0-NONPST what-2SG how come-PST what-1SG how come-PST and child-PL-1SG eat-NMLZ.IMPF want-PST-PAS-0-3PL DP after-LOC say-0-IMPF-NMLZ.IMPF-3SG ski bottom one ski bottom one ski bottom knock-FREQ-NONPST-PAS ahead step-INCH-0-NONPST and DP after-LOC say-0-NONPST DP child-0-PL NEG worry-IMP-PL 1PL DP all tomorrow autumn-0-2SG homewards come-NMLZ.IMPF time-LOC 1PL child 3-ACC/DAT all good be-NMLZ.IMPF matter-3SG be
один-ЛОК один хороший старик DP broad ski носить-КОНВ DP шаг-NONPST DP шаг-NONPST один ski bottom один ski bottom knock-ФРЕКВ-0-NONPST squirrel женщина wretched плакать-0-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ-3ЕД 1ЕД как сказать-0-NONPST yesterday сказать-0-NONPST DP Ostyak мужчина лес-ЛОК быть-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ человек-МН-ЛОК что лес любить быть-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ человек-МН-ЛОК плакать-0-CAUS-0-ПРОШ-ПАС-0-1ЕД тот старик down стоять-0-NONPST beard-МН-3ЕД stroke-0-ИМПФ-ФРЕКВ-0-NONPST что-2ЕД как прийти-ПРОШ что-1ЕД как прийти-ПРОШ and ребенок-МН-1ЕД есть-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ хотеть-ПРОШ-ПАС-0-3МН DP после-ЛОК сказать-0-ИМПФ-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ-3ЕД ski bottom один ski bottom один ski bottom knock-ФРЕКВ-NONPST-ПАС вперед шаг-ИНХ-0-NONPST and DP после-ЛОК сказать-0-NONPST DP ребенок-0-МН НЕГ worry-ИМП-МН 1МН DP весь завтра autumn-0-2ЕД homewards прийти-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ время-ЛОК 1МН ребенок 3-АКК/ДАТ весь хороший быть-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ matter-3ЕД быть
Suddenly a good old man could be heard coming on broad skis. The skis could be heard knocking together. The poor squirrel wept: “Yesterday,” she said, “the Khanty man brought me and those living in the forest to tears.” The old man stopped and stroked his beard: “What happened to you?” “What happened to me? They tried to eat my children.” Then he spoke and knocked one ski on the other. He went on. Then she said: “Children, don’t be frightened. When we return home in the fall, all of our children will live well.”
Kuzma and his strong comrades (2)
nu, wɔs χuj-na mŏst-ə-s-aj-ə-t pa śikəńśa sɔldat kit-s-ə-lli. “dawaj jăŋχ-a-ti, liramt-alən, χŏti ul-l-ə-t śiti neŋχ-et, jur tăj-ti neŋχ-et jŏχət-s-ə-t, mŭr lant χăr-em mŭw-l-am sukat-l-aj-ə-t. tŏχi jăχ-s-a pa uj, law-ə-l, śita χăs-m-el”. tăm sɔldat jŏχi jŏχət-l pa taś-ə-ŋ wɔs χuj pela law-ə-l: “śiməś śiməś neŋχ-et jŏχət-m-al, ɔχ eta.” uj śikəńśa, χŏti χălewət χătl ji-l pa lŭw kŭt-ə-l-na pŏtər-s-ə-t ńil neŋχuj. . ătti kuśa, itta χɔljɔŋ χuj ătti kuśma kuśaj-ə-l leśat-s-a. a tăm itta χŏj ɔlŋəś l'al' jŏχət-l pa kămən neŋχuj jŏχət-l-ə-t, śi neŋχ-et, law-ə-l, śi et-l-ə-t l'al'əs-ti-ji. ɔj, wetjɔŋ sɔldat kit-ə-m. śi sɔldat-ə-t ji-l-ə-t. ɔj, iśńi ewəlt wan-man tăj-l-ə-lli pa: “dawaj itta, wetjɔŋ χuj jur-pi sɔldat, măn-a, bɔgatir. sewr-i-l-a, wel-i-l-a, năŋ jŭkan-en.”
INTJ town man-LOC get-0-PST-PAS-0-3PL and DP [soldier] send-PST-0-SG.3SG [let’s] go-IMP-PL investigate-IMP.SG.PL how be-NONPST-0-3PL so person-PL power have-NMLZ.IMPF person-PL arrive-PST-0-3PL people flower clearing-1SG land-PL-1SG suffer-NONPST-PAS-0-3PL to:there walk-PST-PAS and INTJ say-0-NONPST there write-NMLZ.PF-3PL this [soldier] homewards arrive-NONPST and herd-0-PROPR town man towards say-0-NONPST such such person-PL arrive-NMLZ.PF-3PL [INTJ this] INTJ DP how tomorrow day come-NONPST and 3 middle-0-3SG-LOC speak-PST-0-3PL four person DP master that twenty man DP Kuzma master-0-3SG prepare-PST-PAS [but] this DP who ahead war arrive-NONPST and how:many person arrive-NONPST-0-3PL DP person-PL say-0-NONPST DP come:forth-NONPST-0-3PL fight-NMLZ.IMPF-TRANS INTJ fifty [soldier] send-0-NMLZ.PF DP [soldier]-0-PL come-NONPST-0-3PL INTJ window from see-CVB have-NONPST-0-SG.3SG and [let’s] DP fifty man power-PROPR [soldier] go-IMP [hero] cut-FREQ-NONPST-PAS kill-FREQ-NONPST-PAS 2SG instead-2SG
МЕЖД город мужчина-ЛОК получить-0-ПРОШ-ПАС-0-3МН and DP [soldier] послать-ПРОШ-0-ЕД.3ЕД [let’s] идти-ИМП-МН investigate-ИМП.ЕД.МН как быть-NONPST-0-3МН так человек-МН power have-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ человек-МН прибыть-ПРОШ-0-3МН народ flower clearing-1ЕД земля-МН-1ЕД suffer-NONPST-ПАС-0-3МН to:there идти-ПРОШ-ПАС and МЕЖД сказать-0-NONPST там писать-НМЛЗ.ПРФ-3МН этот [soldier] homewards прибыть-NONPST and herd-0-ПРОПР город мужчина в:направлении сказать-0-NONPST such such человек-МН прибыть-НМЛЗ.ПРФ-3МН [МЕЖД этот] МЕЖД DP как завтра день прийти-NONPST and 3 середина-0-3ЕД-ЛОК говорить-ПРОШ-0-3МН четыре человек DP хозяин тот twenty мужчина DP Kuzma хозяин-0-3ЕД приготовить-ПРОШ-ПАС [но] этот DP кто вперед война прибыть-NONPST and сколько человек прибыть-NONPST-0-3МН DP человек-МН сказать-0-NONPST DP come:forth-NONPST-0-3МН fight-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ-TRANS МЕЖД fifty [soldier] послать-0-НМЛЗ.ПРФ DP [soldier]-0-МН прийти-NONPST-0-3МН МЕЖД window от видеть-КОНВ have-NONPST-0-ЕД.3ЕД and [let’s] DP fifty мужчина power-ПРОПР [soldier] идти-ИМП [hero] резать-ФРЕКВ-NONPST-ПАС убить-ФРЕКВ-NONPST-ПАС 2ЕД instead-2ЕД
Well, the man from the rich town understood and sent a soldier. “Go there and find out how these people live. Powerful people have come, they’ve ruined the filed of my people. They came there and wrote like this.” The soldier came back and said to the man of the rich town: “People such as this have arrived.” So, the next day came, the four men were talking to each other. The host Kuzma, the man with the twenty strength, prepared himself. And for the first time war came, so many men came, people came to fight. He sent fifty soldiers. These soldiers arrived. They looked out of the window: “Come on, warrior with fifty strengths, go, chop, kill, this is your matter.”
Elder brother and younger brother (11)
nu śikəńśa, lăχar-ə-t tɔŋχa tăj-l-ə-t, kurt-et ńɔl-na ăn pel-ti-t, ewət-ti-t-ə-t kɔstum-ə-t. “tăm ar-em, tăm mɔńś-em, law-ə-l, pa tel mŏsa măn-l tăm kit-ti ńɔl-em-na.” i neŋχuj sapəl lŏw-ə-l, ńŏχa ńŏχa χul tăj-t-al ńi-l-a, uś-l-ə-lli săm-ə-l śita, săm-l-al śiti i neŋχuj χŏśa ul-l-ə-t. ńɔl esl-ti kŭm-l ăntam, ittam ăt-l-al śikəńśa kew sup-pi pa ji-l-ə-t. tŏχi măn-l pa śikəńśa ittam kew sup ńɔl mŭw-na resk-ə-l-li pa pelək tɔχnəm-l, ittam χuləm kurti kŭl χul kurti săχ-pi kŭl-ij-et kim nawər-l-ə-t. kim nawər-m-ə-l-ə-t pa ittam śi jɔs-l-al kŭr-l-al jăχa apət-l-ə-m-ə-l-aj-ə-t, jăχa jirs-ə-l-ə-l-aj-ə-t. lilaŋ telna pa aləm-l-a. śiti śi tu-l-a. iśi tɔmətta ńurm-ə-l-na tɔŋχa pa pa tăχaj-na iśi ńurm-ə-l-na mɔsaŋ et-ə-s tɔŋχa. iśi χɔrpi nŏməs-na jŏχət-s-a, tɔmətta iti. “jaj-ə-l, law-ə-l, mŏsa-ji, law-ə-l, śi χɔrpi nem-na nemt-i-li-j-ə-m pa, law-ə-l, tărən sŏχ-i χuj tŭmar urt, χult sŏχ-i χuj tŭmar urt tɔŋχa, măn-em ńɔt-ti-ji, law-ə-l, tɔŋχa ănt śi ji-l.” nŏms-ə-l pit-i-li-j-ə-l.
INTJ DP mail-0-3PL DP have-NONPST-0-3PL iron-PL arrow-LOC NEG penetrate-NMLZ.IMPF-N cut-NMLZ.IMPF-N-0-PL [clothes]-0-3PL this song-1SG this story-1SG say-0-NONPST and full what go-NONPST this send-NMLZ.IMPF arrow-1SG-LOC one person neck bone-0-3SG flesh flesh hole have-NMLZ.IMPF-3SG seem-NONPST-PAS find-NONPST-0-SG.3SG heart-0-3SG there heart-PL-3SG so one person to be-NONPST-0-3PL arrow release-NMLZ.IMPF succeed-NONPST not:be that thing-PL-3SG DP stone piece-TRANS and come-NONPST-0-3PL to:there go-NONPST and DP that stone piece arrow land-LOC hit-0-NONPST-SG.3SG and half break-NONPST that three iron devil hole coat-PROPR devil-DIM-3PL out jump-NONPST-0-3PL out jump-INCH-0-NONPST-0-3PL and DP DP arm-PL-3SG leg-PL-3SG together grab-TR-0-INCH-0-NONPST-PAS-0-3PL together tie-0-TR-0-NONPST-PAS-0-3PL life with and lift-NONPST-PAS so FOC bring-NONPST-PAS same yesterday glade-0-3SG-LOC DP and and place-LOC same glade-0-3SG-LOC perhaps come:forth-0-PST DP same like mind-LOC arrive-PST-PAS yesterday as elder:brother-0-3SG say-0-NONPST what-TRANS DP like name-LOC name-0-IMPF-FREQ-0-NMLZ.PF and say-0-NONPST war hide-0-PROPR man arrow spirit death hide-0-PROPR man arrow spirit 1SG-ACC/DAT DP NEG FOC come-NONPST mind-0-3SG fall-0-IMPF-FREQ-0-NONPST
МЕЖД DP mail-0-3МН DP have-NONPST-0-3МН iron-МН стрела-ЛОК НЕГ penetrate-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ-N резать-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ-N-0-МН [clothes]-0-3МН этот песня-1ЕД этот story-1ЕД сказать-0-NONPST and full что идти-NONPST этот послать-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ стрела-1ЕД-ЛОК один человек neck кость-0-3ЕД flesh flesh дыра have-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ-3ЕД seem-NONPST-ПАС найти-NONPST-0-ЕД.3ЕД сердце-0-3ЕД там сердце-МН-3ЕД так один человек к быть-NONPST-0-3МН стрела release-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ succeed-NONPST not:be тот вещь-МН-3ЕД DP камень piece-TRANS and прийти-NONPST-0-3МН to:there идти-NONPST and DP тот камень piece стрела земля-ЛОК hit-0-NONPST-ЕД.3ЕД and half break-NONPST тот три iron черт дыра верхняя:одежда-ПРОПР черт-ДИМ-3МН из прыгать-NONPST-0-3МН из прыгать-ИНХ-0-NONPST-0-3МН and DP DP arm-МН-3ЕД нога-МН-3ЕД together схватить-TR-0-ИНХ-0-NONPST-ПАС-0-3МН together связать-0-TR-0-NONPST-ПАС-0-3МН жизнь с and lift-NONPST-ПАС так ФОК принести-NONPST-ПАС same yesterday glade-0-3ЕД-ЛОК DP and and место-ЛОК same glade-0-3ЕД-ЛОК perhaps come:forth-0-ПРОШ DP same любить ум-ЛОК прибыть-ПРОШ-ПАС yesterday as старший:брат-0-3ЕД сказать-0-NONPST что-TRANS DP любить name-ЛОК name-0-ИМПФ-ФРЕКВ-0-НМЛЗ.ПРФ and сказать-0-NONPST война прятать-0-ПРОПР мужчина стрела spirit death прятать-0-ПРОПР мужчина стрела spirit 1ЕД-АКК/ДАТ DP НЕГ ФОК прийти-NONPST ум-0-3ЕД fall-0-ИМПФ-ФРЕКВ-0-NONPST
They were wearing shirts of mail. Iron arrows could not penetrate, could not cut these clothes. “This my song, this my tale,” he said, “will reach an end with the arrows I shoot.” One man’s flesh could be seen on his neck bone. He knew that the heart was where it is with all people. He did not succeed in shooting the arrow, they turned once again into stone blocks. He went up and struck the stone block with an arrow and it split in two. Then three iron demons, three demons in iron coats leapt out. They leapt out and grabbed and tied his arms and legs. They dragged him off again alive. They carried him off. Off to yesterday’s clearing, off there again, the same clearing appeared. He had the same thoughts as yesterday about his brother. He said: “Why,” he said, “does he have such a name, War-Arrow Spirit, Death-Arrow Spirit. It doesn’t look like he’ll come to help me.” That is how he started to think.
The Mos woman and the Pos woman (3)
wɔtem ńŭk-i lăŋkəm χɔt lɔj-m-al, jŏχi lăŋ-l-ə-ŋən pa want-i-l-lən pa śi χɔrpi năr-eŋən ul-l-ə-ŋən pa śi χɔrpi ul-ə-psi lampa. want-i-l-lən pa tăm χɔt pa niŋ neŋχuj tăj-ti χŏl-ə-l wek ănta. niŋ ănta. “ja χɔti wer-l-a, numəs-t-al. min-emən păr-t-emən lɔt tɔŋχa ta.” itta pŏr-niŋ imi al nawər-li-li-t-al, jiŋk jŭχ leśat-l-ə-ŋən tɔŋχa. imŏsaj-na ila χŭńl-ə-t χurl-ə-m kem-na kat χuj ari-man mɔś-man śi ji-t-an śat-l. ji-t-an śat-l, śikəńśa jŏχi lăŋ-l-ə-ŋən, lɔś-ə-n părkat-l-ə-ŋən, juŋk-ə-n părkat-l-ə-ŋən, jŏχi lăŋ-ti pit-l-ə-ŋən pa law-i-li-t-al ănti: “χɔt-emən jina mŏla tŭt epəl, law-ə-l ănti. min-emən tɔŋχa saj kawer-ti, min-emən tɔŋχa tŭtăl-li-ti neŋχuj-na peli jŏχət-s-aj-mən.” jŏχi lăŋ-l-ə-ŋən pa jina pa kat nări ɔləŋ-na kat niŋ ɔməs-l-ə-ŋən. kat niŋ ɔməs-l-ə-ŋən pa śikəńśa i χuj-ə-l kŭr-l-al părkat-l, mŏlaj-na sŏχ-l-al eŋχ-ti pit-l pa want-i-li-j-ə-l pa: “ɔj beda, pŏr-niŋ! χŏti wer-l-a?” śikəńśa kŭr-l sukat-ti, jɔs-l sukat-ti năr-el pelək-na śi wŭns-ə-s. wŭns-ə-s, i χuj-ə-l mɔś-niŋ ɔməs-ti pelək-na, nawər-man, ńŏχəm-man măn-ə-mt-ə-s pa śikəńśa il ɔms-ə-mt-ə-s.
grey cover-PROPR roof house stand-NMLZ.PF-3SG homewards enter-NONPST-0-3DU and see-FREQ-NONPST-SG.3DU and DP like bed-DU be-NONPST-0-3DU and DP like be-0-N similar see-FREQ-NONPST-SG.3DU and this house and woman person have-NMLZ.IMPF be:exhausted-0-NONPST forever not:be woman not:be DP how make-NONPST-PAS think-NMLZ.IMPF-3SG 1DU-ACC/DAT die-NMLZ.IMPF-1DU place DP here DP Por-woman woman only jump-IMPF-IMPF-NMLZ.IMPF-3SG water tree prepare-NONPST-0-3DU DP one-LOC evening star-0-PL go:out-0-NMLZ.PF after-LOC two man sing-CVB tell:tale-CVB come-NMLZ.IMPF-3DU hear-NONPST come-NMLZ.PF-3DU hear-NONPST DP homewards enter-NONPST-0-3DU snow-0-3DU brush:off-NONPST-0-3DU ice-0-3DU brush:off-NONPST-0-3DU homewards enter-NMLZ.IMPF start-NONPST-0-3DU and say-0-IMPF-NMLZ.IMPF-3SG DP house-1DU indeed what fire taste 1DU-ACC/DAT DP tea cook-NMLZ.IMPF 1DU-ACC/DAT DP light:fire-IMPF-NMLZ.IMPF person-LOC DP come-PST-PAS-1DU homewards enter-NONPST-0-3DU and indeed and two bed end-LOC two woman sit-NONPST-0-3DU two woman sit-NONPST-0-3DU and DP one man-0-3SG leg-PL-3SG brush:off-NONPST what-LOC hide-PL-3SG take:off-NMLZ.IMPF start-NONPST and see-0-IMPF-FREQ-0-NONPST and INTJ [trouble] Por-woman how make-NONPST-PAS DP leg-NONPST suffer-NMLZ.IMPF hand suffer-NMLZ.IMPF bed-3SG side-LOC DP approach-0-PST approach-0-PST one man-0-3SG Mos-woman sit-NMLZ.IMPF side-LOC jump-CVB run-CVB go-0-INCH-0-PST and DP down sit-0-INCH-0-PST
grey покрыть-ПРОПР roof дом стоять-НМЛЗ.ПРФ-3ЕД homewards войти-NONPST-0-3ДВ and видеть-ФРЕКВ-NONPST-ЕД.3ДВ and DP любить постель-ДВ быть-NONPST-0-3ДВ and DP любить быть-0-N similar видеть-ФРЕКВ-NONPST-ЕД.3ДВ and этот дом and женщина человек have-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ be:exhausted-0-NONPST forever not:be женщина not:be DP как делать-NONPST-ПАС think-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ-3ЕД 1ДВ-АКК/ДАТ умереть-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ-1ДВ место DP здесь DP Por-женщина женщина only прыгать-ИМПФ-ИМПФ-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ-3ЕД вода дерево приготовить-NONPST-0-3ДВ DP один-ЛОК вечер звезда-0-МН выйти-0-НМЛЗ.ПРФ после-ЛОК два мужчина sing-КОНВ tell:tale-КОНВ прийти-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ-3ДВ слышать-NONPST прийти-НМЛЗ.ПРФ-3ДВ слышать-NONPST DP homewards войти-NONPST-0-3ДВ snow-0-3ДВ brush:off-NONPST-0-3ДВ ice-0-3ДВ brush:off-NONPST-0-3ДВ homewards войти-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ начать-NONPST-0-3ДВ and сказать-0-ИМПФ-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ-3ЕД DP дом-1ДВ indeed что огонь taste 1ДВ-АКК/ДАТ DP tea варить-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ 1ДВ-АКК/ДАТ DP light:fire-ИМПФ-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ человек-ЛОК DP прийти-ПРОШ-ПАС-1ДВ homewards войти-NONPST-0-3ДВ and indeed and два постель конец-ЛОК два женщина сидеть-NONPST-0-3ДВ два женщина сидеть-NONPST-0-3ДВ and DP один мужчина-0-3ЕД нога-МН-3ЕД brush:off-NONPST что-ЛОК прятать-МН-3ЕД take:off-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ начать-NONPST and видеть-0-ИМПФ-ФРЕКВ-0-NONPST and МЕЖД [trouble] Por-женщина как делать-NONPST-ПАС DP нога-NONPST suffer-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ рука suffer-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ постель-3ЕД сторона-ЛОК DP approach-0-ПРОШ approach-0-ПРОШ один мужчина-0-3ЕД Mos-женщина сидеть-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ сторона-ЛОК прыгать-КОНВ бежать-КОНВ идти-0-ИНХ-0-ПРОШ and DP down сидеть-0-ИНХ-0-ПРОШ
There stood a house with a grey roof. The house with the grey roof stood, they went into the house and saw benches there and other things. They looked, but people had stopped living in the house, there was no one at all, no women. What shall we do? She thought. “This place is apparently meant for us.” The Por woman jumped and they prepared water and firewood. Suddenly, when the evening stars were going out, they heard two people coming with tales and songs. They heard them coming. They entered the house, brushed off the snow, brushed off the ice, came into the house and said: “Our house smells like firewood. Somebody has come to us to make tea and carry firewood.” They came into the house and really, on the edge of two benches there were sitting two women. Two women were sitting. One man shook the snow off his legs, undressed and looked: “Oh, it’s trouble! The Por woman! What shall I do? With heavy arms and legs he went up to the bench. He went up and the other man went up on the other side, jumping and leaping, to where the Mos woman was sitting and sat down.