Northern Khanty

Lexical glosses for Northern Khanty (English)

This list of lexical glosses found in Northern Khanty transcribed texts allows you to navigate directly to examples in the audio and video recordings.

Each item is followed by a number which gives an indication of how many times the lexical gloss appears in the texts available in the collection for Northern Khanty.

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Elder brother and younger brother (1)
nu, wan wan părt-ə-s, χŭw părt-ə-s, χulmət-ti law-m-al-na: ja ăntam, wɔlli, law-ə-l, wŭl wej-en-na χɔj-s-ə-n, ŏχ-en ti săns-em-na pŏn-a.” itta tărən sŏχ-i tŭmar urt, χult sŏχ-i tŭmar urt im-el săs-na ŏχ-ə-l pŏn-s-ə-lli pa im-el śi rŭwtəs upət kŭt-na, śi kăns-ə-s, śi kăns-ə-s, nemŏsa uś-man. “nemŏsa, law-ə-l, ul-m-em χuj nupət want-i-lli-s-em pa ănt uś-i-li-s-ə-m pa tăm χătl urəŋna χŭnt uś-l-ə-m. nemŏsa ăntam.” “ja ăntam, atul, law-ə-l. ăntəp sup-en jir-a pa, law-ə-l, săχ-en sumt-a pa ŏχsam-en jɔwərm-a pa, law-ə-l, sɔt sŏrep χuj aś-en iki χŏśa jăŋχ-a pa, law-ə-l, χŏl-li lɔw pŭn, χŏl-li mŭs pŭn wɔχ-a”. a śi law-ə-l, im-el law-i-li-j-ə-l: “mŭnti telna, law-ə-l, tɔmətta telna, law-ə-l, ul-m-em χuj nupət ewəlt ŏχ-en want-i-li-s-em pa wŭr-ə-ŋ χɔrpi i aj tewtəm ănt uś-i-li-s-ə-m pa năr-ə-ŋ jasəŋ tăj-ti pit-l-ə-n, ur-ə-ŋ jasəŋ. ittam wan-l-en, mŏla χɔrpi jasəŋ măn-em law-s-en. “ja tăta tŭŋən, law-ə-l, ănt χul-man al tăj-ti sumat-li-j-a pa i jăŋχ-a.”
INTJ short short order-0-PST long order-0-PST three.ORD-TRANS say-NMLZ.PF-3SG DP not:be completely say-0-NONPST big trouble-2SG-LOC catch-PST-0-2SG head-2SG to:here back-1SG-LOC put-IMP that war hide-PROPR arrow spirit death hide-PROPR arrow spirit woman-3SG back-LOC head-0-3SG put-PST-0-SG.3SG and woman-3SG FOC run:fingers-0-PST hair middle-LOC DP seek-0-PST seek-0-PST nothing find-CVB nothing say-0-NONPST be-NMLZ.PF-1SG man era see-0-IMPF-PST-0-1SG and NEG find-0-IMPF-PST-0-1SG and this day for when find-PST-0-1SG nothing not:be DP not:be ever say-0-NONPST belt piece-2SG tie-IMP and say-0-NONPST coat-2SG wear-IMP and kerchief-2SG wrap-IMP and say-0-NONPST hundred relative old:man father-2SG walk-IMP to and say-0-NONPST be:exhausted-CAR horse hair be:exhausted-CAR cow hair beg-IMP [but] DP say-0-NONPST woman-3SG say-0-IMPF-FREQ-0-NONPST soon with say-0-NONPST yesterday with say-0-NONPST be-NMLZ.PF-1SG man era from head-2SG see-0-IMPF-PST-1SG and blood-0-PROPR like one small louse NEG find-0-IMPF-PST-0-1SG and offense-0-PROPR speech have-NMLZ.IMPF start-NONPST-0-2SG offense-0-PROPR speech DP see-NONPST-SG.2SG what like speech 1SG-ACC/DAT say-PST-SG.2SG DP here IMP NEG hear-CVB many have-NMLZ.IMPF wear-IMPF-FREQ-IMP and [and] go-IMP
МЕЖД short short приказать-0-ПРОШ длинный приказать-0-ПРОШ три.ОРД-TRANS сказать-НМЛЗ.ПРФ-3ЕД DP not:be completely сказать-0-NONPST большой trouble-2ЕД-ЛОК catch-ПРОШ-0-2ЕД голова-2ЕД to:here назад-1ЕД-ЛОК положить-ИМП тот война прятать-ПРОПР стрела spirit death прятать-ПРОПР стрела spirit женщина-3ЕД назад-ЛОК голова-0-3ЕД положить-ПРОШ-0-ЕД.3ЕД and женщина-3ЕД ФОК run:fingers-0-ПРОШ hair середина-ЛОК DP искать-0-ПРОШ искать-0-ПРОШ ничего найти-КОНВ ничего сказать-0-NONPST быть-НМЛЗ.ПРФ-1ЕД мужчина era видеть-0-ИМПФ-ПРОШ-0-1ЕД and НЕГ найти-0-ИМПФ-ПРОШ-0-1ЕД and этот день for когда найти-ПРОШ-0-1ЕД ничего not:be DP not:be ever сказать-0-NONPST belt piece-2ЕД связать-ИМП and сказать-0-NONPST верхняя:одежда-2ЕД носить-ИМП and kerchief-2ЕД завернуть-ИМП and сказать-0-NONPST стоянка relative старик отец-2ЕД идти-ИМП к and сказать-0-NONPST be:exhausted-КАР horse hair be:exhausted-КАР корова hair beg-ИМП [но] DP сказать-0-NONPST женщина-3ЕД сказать-0-ИМПФ-ФРЕКВ-0-NONPST soon с сказать-0-NONPST yesterday с сказать-0-NONPST быть-НМЛЗ.ПРФ-1ЕД мужчина era от голова-2ЕД видеть-0-ИМПФ-ПРОШ-1ЕД and blood-0-ПРОПР любить один маленький louse НЕГ найти-0-ИМПФ-ПРОШ-0-1ЕД and offense-0-ПРОПР speech have-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ начать-NONPST-0-2ЕД offense-0-ПРОПР speech DP видеть-NONPST-ЕД.2ЕД что любить speech 1ЕД-АКК/ДАТ сказать-ПРОШ-ЕД.2ЕД DP здесь ИМП НЕГ слышать-КОНВ много have-НМЛЗ.ИМПФ носить-ИМПФ-ФРЕКВ-ИМП and [and] идти-ИМП
He begged her for a short time or a long time and the third time she said: “Well, if you really want me to with all your heart, put your head here on my knee.” War-Arrow Spirit, Death-Arrow Spirit put his head on his wife’s knee and his wife ran her fingers through his hair, searched, but found nothing. “There’s nothing,” she said, “as long as we’ve been living, I’ve searched and found nothing, should I find something today? There’s nothing.” “Fine,” he said, “then tie up your belt, throw on your fur coat, tie on a kerchief and go to father, to the old man with the hundred relatives. Ask him for an endless horse hair, for an endless cow hair.” The wife said: “Before, as long as we lived, I looked at your head and didn’t find even one little blood-mouse. You say offensive words, you say insulting words. Now look, what words you said to me.” “Fine, go on,” he said, “don’t listen, get dressed and go.”